Mike Woo Shares His Investing Expertise in 2014 Houston Real Estate Summit

The Partnership Summit that runs May 3-5 is the forum for him to introduce his new program that seeks to find Homepath partners and share in his investing expertise.

The Summit will offer help to break through negative financial barriers for professionals on the way to becoming a successful real estate investor.

Mike Woo will be teaching his cutting edge class information and also going over all qualifications on investing together on Homepath properties, which in turn will give you the upside swing over all other investors.

Some of the things this Summit will entail are:

Partner with Mike Woo on deals directly, the structure, the process and procedure.

You will have a greater understanding on the history of money and where we are headed.

You will receive the specific tools that Mike Woo uses to gauge the current status of financial health

How to predict the future so that you can benefit in creating your own personalized game plan for success.

You will also review local properties too.

How to purchase properties ahead of all other investors.

You will be coached to a play and win the Cashflow game.

A true investor continues to learn new processes and is both flexible and motivated to achieve beyond everyone else’s efforts. The best way to get somewhere of the unknown is to ask someone that has been there before. Are you capable of learning something new in order to get your desired result? What have you added to your Bag of Tricks today? If you are ready to turn your key to destined success, come join us at The Summit and learn how determination, expertise, and allocation all lead to the development of a successful investor.

Mike Woo, Long Fin Investment CEO, had started his personal investing experience in the stock market over 35 years ago, at the young age of 8. Professionally he has been involved in the financial world since 2005 as a financial adviser. He has also transacted millions of dollars in real estate and won the Hall of Fame award for excellence in real estate investing from Robert Kiyosaki in 2010. He is founder and CEO of Long Fin Investments and continues to hold elite status among his real estate peers.