Mel’s Locksmiths Inc. Keeps NY Bronx Community Safe For Decades

A neighborhood derives its character from a connection to the past and hope for the future, the steady day by day flow of people, sun up, sun down, night falls, time slips forward, and almost always accompanied by the jingle of keys.

Throughout our lives the familiar sound of locks as they open and close remind us that “handling keys” becomes second nature. Shop window grates rasp open to disturb the morning silence, while Nightclub chains clank together and everywhere doors slam shut from houses, apartments and automobiles. Too often, we take our security for granted, until we lose our keys. For four generations, Mel’s Locksmiths Inc. has served New York’s Bronx community.

WW II locks

Since 1932, this family run business has been part of the foundation for the Highbridge and Morrisania communities. And keeping with tradition, Raymond Herskovits continues to provide expert professional locksmith service, honoring Mel’s motto, “Where Accuracy Prevails.”

The little shop oozes nostalgia, history and expertise. Along with an assortment of archaic locks, keys and photos dating back 82 years, dozens of old NYC Locksmith Occupation License Plates are here-and-there wallpapered. The cement floor entrance, embedded with keys, adds to the decor, while a key-shaped sign juts out above the shop to make the small establishment easy to locate.

Need spare keys? Have lock issues? Don’t wait until you have a major problem. Head over to Mel’s for expert and friendly service.

Mel’s Locksmiths Inc.

4 East 170 Street (corner Jerome Avenue)

Bronx, NY 10452

(In shop service only)

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