James Moseley Saves Lives Without Being There In Person

Fire Retardant Protects Firemen from Fires

People are asking who is James Moseley and how is he saving lives?

James Moseley is the CEO of Sunseeker Enterprises, Inc, a company that has saved the lives of firemen who are surrounded and endangered by fire when rescuing people from those fires.

Less than one year ago, Mr. Moseley created a 3000 degree F protective spray that was originally created to protect the outer foil layer of the US Forestry fire shelter – where 19 firefighters in Yarnell died in the previous shelter, because of the former shelter’s failure to protect firemen.

The clear spray Sunseeker created, combined with the company’s 3000 degree F protective blanket, is being used to stop burning embers from burning down homes.

The innovation Moseley has created will stop a fire from transferring heat through shingles or tiles to torch the plywood, which would burn down the structure of the home.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and Jim Moseley.
Jim Moseley and Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti.

Sunseeker is also developing a fire escape cloak that families can put on quickly, running out of a burning house, giving them a higher chance of survival. The resistance the cloak provides against a fire is so protective, that a dime on the outside of the cloth could melt and the cloth itself would not be damaged.

The majority of fires have caused deaths by hair and clothing catching fire and SunSeeker’s material helps eliminate this situation. The company has also created a soft, light air bag that can be used to prevent smoke inhalation while escaping from the fire.

Many more victims of fires die from smoke inhalation than the actual fires.

The same breathing apparatuses could be included in the new fire shelter for firefighters, which can outlast the firefighters’ typical oxygen supply.

William Jimeno, a police officer at the New York Port Authority, who is a 9/11 World Trade center survivor-hero said that if the Sunseeker fire blanket had been wrapped around the beams of the old World Trade Center, lives could have been saved. Jimeno said once the beams reached 2000 degrees F, the oxygen inside the concrete started to explode, causing the steel to melt.

The SunScreen blanket could have added another hour before the final collapse.

Sun Fire Defense logo.
Sun Fire Defense logo.

James E. Moseley has also created such a unique application of the 3000F blanket for roofs, and regular roofing nails could be hammered through the blanket and you can hit the nail with a blowtorch until the nail melts without transferring enough heat to burn the plywood.

Sunseeker is currently designing and producing prototypes for the US Forestry Department.

For more information, visit sunfiredefense.com, formerly sunseeker technology.

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