Israel’s Acumen Beats the BDS Back To The Stone Age

One has to be well entrenched in world’s technology and investments to know of Dov Moran of Comigo. I was not till I met him last month at a professionals’ gathering, organized by the Government of Israel Economic Mission, West Coast, USA, and the Southern-California Israel Chamber of Commerce, that hosted nine startup companies from Israel.

To boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) Israel is the latest fad of the “enlightened” world. The world has become a self-anointed savior of the Jewish state; the world wants to save Israel from herself by trying to destroy it economically and politically.

Sadly there are even many Israelis who boycott products made in “Occupied West Bank.” Do they know exactly whose land Israel is occupying? In Tel Aviv, many will not drink wines from vineyards located in that loathed land of Judea and Samaria region, and mainstream artists will not travel to cities such as Ariel and its cultural center to perform.

We can see the BDS movement alive and kicking inside Israel, and it is nurtured by Israelis.

But Israel is fighting back the misconceptions and the lies. One piece of ammo Israel is using effectively is her advanced technology, which she shares with the entire world.

After hearing the success of Dov Moran, the inventor of the Memory USB Stick, the world, all over, is using, I got the urge to dig deeper. I wanted to know how can anyone pushing for boycotting Israel can live without his technology, for one. Mr. Moran is a busy man; we met at 7:30am in his hotel for a fast briefing on his achievements, past and future.

Dov Moran
Dov Moran

Mr. Moran, a former officer in the navy engineering division, married and a father to four, living in Kfar Sabbah, Israel, is a problem solver. As an engineer, a graduate of the Technion, he will never bypass a problem, he will solve it. Or at least try …

His career started with M-Systems that developed flash data storage devices when no one was aware of this market. Mr. Moran invented the USB Flash stick, known as well as the USB Stick.

When M-Systems grew to over $1 billion of revenues he sold it for $1.6B in 2006 to SanDisk. He then established another company that developed unique modular phones, finding himself selling all its patents to Google, at the end of 2010. From that time on Mr. Moran established many more companies, for one is Comigo, that is developing the TV of the future, or GlucoMe, which is developing a unique blood glucose monitor and others.

Mr. Moran also became aware of the problems in the education system in Israel, which was amazingly good and now its quality is questionable. He took up the challenge to learn the problems of the education system. With several colleagues, he developed a technology that allows students to have all their school books on a tablet. No more books. The program simply solves the problem of education, not only learning.

The program Moran invented empowers the teachers to easily write comments and add links to the comments on top of the book that is automatically disseminated to their students. This makes the subject interesting and more personable. The technology enables the teacher to write even the entire interactive book, very easily and share it with his colleagues. The system, Business Intelligence (BI) collects data and big data techniques enable the school principal to recognize the quality of each teacher and get analysis of the class’s quality and problems.

Classes that have been using this technological system have already proven to be more advanced as it allows better monitoring and offers high teacher-student ties. In Israel, 10,000 students, mostly in schools in periphery towns, are already on this program.

“Has the education ministry adopted the program?” I asked Mr. Moran.

“Our education minister likes the program a lot and helps to spread it but the education department is relatively slow. However, many municipal jurisdictions can act independently and make an independent decision to apply the program and they do it.”

“What is the goal?” I asked.

“To have a much better education system in Israel and with our software – to become the leader in the world in education,” replied Mr. Moran.

In Israel, many non-profit organizations are dealing with education. Mr. Moran’s company is for profit. If you are aware how bad the education system is, for instance, even in the United States, you will recognize that this technology is oxygen to the masses, to the future generations.

Mr. Moran’s company is seeking at least $3 million investments to grow the company worldwide. All the investments he received thus far are private, mostly from well-known, local Israelis in the hi-tech community.

Since the education system worldwide suffers from the same problem seen in Israel, it appears that Mr. Moran is on the road to another huge success. This time to make humanity smarter.

Moran’s learning program, Learni, is already well established in Israel. It is unique, with some patented features, and it is the number 1 company in Israel that unleashed the wisdom of the class.

At this point Mr. Moran’s goal is to capture the international market and he is already in the closing process with Turkey, France, and Thailand and eventually he will get to capture the USA market.

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Time to take an account. How can anyone manage these days without a Memory Stick? They cannot! Soon, the question will be, how can a parent send their child to school without them being able to use the holistic solution that includes all the components that are needed to switch the school system to the 21st century? They will not be able to.

That summarizes the BDS movement against Israel; it will eventually BDS itself. Israel will prevail and will continue going from strength to strength.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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