i-Mobb, An App You Can Use Free of Roaming Charges

There’s a new mobile app in town that allows you to make and receive calls on your smartphones without paying roaming charges. The app, i-Mobb, is now available for resale by travel agents and others in the industry.

According to Bernard Drai, i-Mobb CEO, world travelers today are independent, tech-savvy, and are looking for ways how to stay connected.

“With i-Mobb, a new app that lets users avoid roaming fees and make unlimited calls during a trip overseas, resellers can offer the VoIP solution,” says Drai. “We can’t wait to see what the world’s top travel agencies can do for their clients with our technology.”

iMob easy Roaming

If you are using i-Mobb, it will allow you to make and receive international calls as though they were domestic. How does it work? First, it assigns you a temporary local phone number that works just like your at-home number. This permits you unlimited calls back to the home country at no extra charge.

Second, i-Mobb’s subscription-based service includes a new voicemail system so you can receive important messages even while you are abroad. The free roaming app is available for many types of smartphones and is also compatible with tablets as well as iPod Touch devices.

Third, i-Mobb assists travelers with every aspect of their trips. For example, and let’s say you are about to fly somewhere, the app will help you determine whether you will have Wi-Fi access at your destination. If you are using i-Mobb, you can also forward your current phone number to the temporary number the app provides, allowing a seamless transition from one country to the next.

During the trip, you can make and receive calls as though you were at home, without unnecessary charges or service restrictions. The app includes features that allow you to monitor your accounts, track your activity, and organize your calls. And once you are done with your trip, you can simply remove the free roaming app or contact the company to extend your subscription.

i-Mobb is currently available in the United States, Germany, France, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands, with more than 40 more countries scheduled to be added soon. This allows travel agencies and resellers servicing customer from these locations to offer the app no matter where their clients travel.

With i-Mobb, you can choose the length of your subscription on a weekly basis, with a minimum of just one week. In addition, unlike many similar services, i-Mobb does not place any limits on the number of calls you can make to your home country. With the numerous features i-Mobb offers, resellers who recommend the app to world travelers can rest assured knowing their clients will enjoy fast, intuitive communication powered by the latest technology.