How to Reach Any One Who is Any One

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Worry is a Choice

I could be worried about hundreds of things. I could be, but I choose not to. Worry is a choice. And instead of choosing to worry, why not choose to learn about the solution to what ‘could’ be a worry, and resolve to solve it? Then, you can not only choose to not worry, you can choose to ‘know.’ To ‘know’ that you are cause over every action, and reaction in your universe to the degree that you need to be. Choose today to not worry about anything, and just learn of every solution you want to not worry about that is on your mind, and then go and do that solution. It’s really that simple.

bruce edwin run

No Worries!

I often meet new people in my work in Hollywood, and I immediately know where their mindset is at, and if I want to work with them or not. If they start out complaining right away about traffic, their boss, their former agent or manager, the entertainment industry, the economy, their finances, or any other number of things, I know right away that they are not someone I want to work with. I do not want to work with people who worry and complain. Why should I? I have my own problems, I don’t need to make new relationships with people who are only focused on their problems and little more. I want to deal with people who want to help solve problems, and who don’t worry. Worry is counter-productive. There is nothing good about it. There is a line that people often say in L.A. regarding this. They say, “No worries!” While this kind of annoyed me at first, because I heard it over and over here, I am kind of used to it, and it is a good attitude. It reflects the casual, carefree attitude that is much of Southern California. Sure, there are things to be focused on, do, get done, and handle, but really, why worry? Nothing is worth stressing over.

Good Luck with That One!

I have had a lot of problems in my life, but being able to reach any one I wanted was not one of them. It used to annoy me when I would tell certain people that I was going to contact a certain person, and they would say things like, “Ha! Good luck with that one!” Or, “Hahaha! In your dreams!” Or, “Sure, tell the Pope and The President I said hi while you’re at it!” My reply was usually something like, “You just watch me!” Or, usually, I would just stop dealing with them entirely. Even back then, I knew better than to allow people in my life who told me I could not achieve something which I knew was possible.

Have you ever had anyone tell you that you can not do something that you knew you can do, or at least think you might be able to do? There is little more annoying than that attitude from someone, and- am here to tell you that it is not something you should tolerate. It is tough enough to do what we do in pursuing our dreams in the entertainment industry, without having naysayers around us. Let them know that they can fail if they want, but that you are a winner. Let them know that they can have obstacles if they choose, but that you were born to destroy any obstacle that gets in your way, and that if they want to be an obstacle to you with that defeatist talk, that you will have to stop them too, by stopping dealing with them. If they are just directly trying to do you harm, and are just a bad person, then give them no warning, and simply get and stay away from them.

We are All Valuable

In our business of entertainment, being able to reach the important people, the top of the top, is evidently a valuable thing. And, if you work in any other area of business, it should be important to you as well. Everyone dies””the rich, the powerful, kings, queens, presidents, movie stars-everyone-leaves their body at some point. We are all born of flesh and blood and bone, we all breathe the same air, we all have to eat, we all need to sleep, we all live, and we all will some day die. If that’s not a motivator for you, to live and live fully now, then I don’t know what is. And that should also remind you that there is no one on this planet that is better than you if you decide that to be true. If you decide that you are a loser compared to someone else, than you basically are, because what you think is real for you, is your reality that you think, feel, and ultimately experience.

You Can Reach Any One

Most of us who live in a big city have encountered a mentally ill person on the street who thinks that they are a king, a queen, or a president for example. If you decide that you are better than everyone else, you probably won’t get a lot of supporters concerning that notion, and it would not be very healthy or even true. But, if you at least decide that no one is better than you, that you are just as good and important and valuable as anyone else, then that can be a healthy concept that you can readily force out into the world and get others to agree on with you with enough intention. And with that said, there is no one on this planet that you can not communicate with if you make up your mind to. That is the attitude that you should have if you want to go to the top in any area of life-and that has to be real for you in order to make that happen.

You Can if You Think You Can

What you accomplish is first a decision that must be born within your mind. If you want something, you have to decide you are going to get it, and just know that you will get it. Who can stop you? Even though some people may try stop you, no one can stop you more than yourself. And, no one is going to try stop you harder than a person will try to prevent themselves from being stopped. In other words, a person’s success is more important to them than your failure. It is more important to others that they get what they want, than it is in stopping you from getting what you want. Unless of course, you are dealing with some psychotic, who is hellbent on nothing other than seeing other people miserably fail and nothing more. Some of them are out there-in which case, as mentioned above, you owe it to your survival and your success to avoid them completely and forever.

How to Reach Any One Who Is Any One

The ability to reach the rich, powerful, or famous is not merely luck, it is an art, and one that I have somehow mastered over the years. With the advent of the internet and search engines, my ability to find, locate, contact, and pitch to the rich, famous and powerful has gone from weeks to hours, and sometimes minutes. My methods are mind blowingly simple to me, but evidently most people are not doing this, otherwise the countless people I talk with that are so amazed at this ability would theoretically be doing it themselves. The first step is to follow the above advice. There is of course, a lot more to it than just that. As many have asked me lately just how this is done-reaching and pitching an idea or project to anyone, I have decided that I will now begin offering seminars on this very subject, teaching all that I know about this and exactly how it is achieved, step by step. This is a valuable seminar perfect for actors, singers, musicians, models, casting directors, producers, directors, cinematographers, real estate agents, bankers, attorneys, salespeople, marketing managers, publicists, fundraisers, non profit groups, activists, CEO’s, and more. Seminars will be held nation wide in the United States among other countries. If you are interested in attending this V.I.P. only seminar, or booking it for you, your company or organization, you may contact my office at Tel / Fax: 310-226-7176 for more information.

Believe in Your Dreams and Follow Them

So today, if you don’t already believe it, I dare you to pretend. Pretend that you will live forever…you just might. Pretend that you are just as important as the most rich, famous, and beautiful people on the planet…you can be if you let yourself be. And, pretend that you can communicate with anyone.

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