Franklin CEO William A. Petty Returned to Bolivia

Franklin CEO William A. Petty returned to Bolivia for an evaluation and talk about the laboratory analysis and metallurgy reports of Escala and its mineral content.

The company’s mineral managers, geologist and engineer will be looking over the reports later in the week with Executive Vice President Fernando Infante and Vice President of Operations for International Mining Howard before the report can be revealed completely.

“I am encouraged by the reports and analysis received from the SGS Laboratory in Ontario, Canada” Petty stated.

“The 250 samples taken from Escala in June 2008, packaged and shipped following the Colorado School of Mines’ prescribed procedures, are indicating significant silver and zinc content. Even though we’ve not fully completed the review process, I have begun preparing a recommendation for approval of further capital investment in our Escala operation.”

Update – Las Vegas, NV (7/24/08)

The report from SGS Canada summarizes assay results from last month’s random-sampling campaign from Escala was led by several representatives that included members of the drilling team — led by Escala’s Board of Directors Howard Dunn.

June’s systematic random-sampling of stored mineralized material in the Escala’s dump areas and audit work-face headers returned metal mineralization values five times greater for zinc — 1.5 times higher for lead and 80% the level that is anticipated for silver (Samples 18 and 19).

Hydrometallurgical process evaluations will go on to discuss the processing of gold, cadmium, copper, and arsenic found to also present in the Escala mineralization.

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Sources: Newsblaze and Yahoo! Finance