France Raises Hell With Burqua Ban

France’s face-veil ban is now in effect. Anyone wearing a niqab or burqa in public will have to pay a $216 fine and attend a citizenship course; people found forcing women to wear the veil will face a much steeper fine of over $40,000. Only about 2,000 of France’s 5 million Muslim women are believed to be affected. Still, some Muslims are urging women to defy the ban, with one woman from Avignon having already flouted it. source: lbn-elert

Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel states, “In America, we have the freedom to put on a superhero mask if we want and run up and down the streets.

In America, Muslims also have the right to wear what they want. Could you imagine any one telling an American what they can or cannot wear in public? Can you imagine a police force forcing you not to wear something that was not only your desire, but a part of your spiritual belief?

I am not a fan of certain religious fanaticism, but neither am I a fan of fascism. Let freedom reign!”

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