Exclusive Showing of Silvano ‘Nano’ Campeggi’s Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn

Blend Traditional and Contemporary Decor with Over 10,000 Antiques

14th Annual Winter Antiques Show at Sherway Gardens – January 27 to February 3

Toronto, Ontario – January 3, 2008 – Today’s hottest design trend is to mix and match decorating styles by combining elements of antique and modern decor to produce an eclectic mix with eye-popping results. Antique lovers, established collectors and beginners alike can find a large selection of decorating ideas at The 14th Annual Winter Antiques Show at Sherway Gardens (Hwy 427 and the QEW) where leading dealers from Ontario and Quebec will display an antiques inventory that fills almost 1.2 kilometres. The show runs from Sunday, January 27 through Sunday, February 3 (Monday-Friday 10am-9pm; Saturday 9:30am-6pm; Sunday 11am – 5pm). FREE admission and parking. Call 416-621-1070 for more information or visit www.sherwaygardens.ca or www.asinter.com.

“You don’t have to be a serious collector to enjoy The Winter Antiques Show at Sherway Gardens. It is a great place to find the perfect accent piece to enhance your decor,” states Peter Sutherland, Winter Antiques Sale organizer.

The Winter Antiques Show offers more than 10,000 antiques on display throughout Sherway Gardens including folk art from the Maritimes, restored mahogany dining room tables, white-washed cottage furniture, vintage timepieces, armoires from France, ancient coins, pine harvest tables, sideboards, blanket boxes, brass beds, pressed glass and estate jewelry.

Some of this year’s new vendors include Pallafray from Hudson, Quebec who specialize in paintings from France, Bel Maison from Yorkville in Toronto who focus on French decorative items including garden items and Louis Moran from Montreal whose forte is 20th Century Danish, French and Italian Decorative Pieces.

Make Your Space Your Own When Past Meets Present

Personalizing a living space by combining old and new is one of the leading design trends today. People are staying away from buying matching furniture sets and are infusing life into their space by combining antiques and traditional pieces with modern and eclectic elements.

“Many people don’t want their entire room to be completely modern or completely traditional,” adds Sutherland. “The current mix and match trend addresses this and as a result we’re finding new uses for antiques in our homes. A vintage filing cabinet and drafting table can be used to refresh a modern office or a buffet topped with silver-framed photos can find new life behind the sofa.”

Here are some additional suggestions that can help you achieve this effect:

  • Couple a traditional sofa with modern pillows and throws to add texture.
  • Mix a contemporary sofa with a worn antique coffee table to provide warmth.
  • Add modern art to a traditional room to add a breath of fresh air.
  • Showcase traditional pieces of furniture or art in a modern home to make them pop.
  • Upholster a traditional chair or sofa with modern fabric.
  • Combine different styles, heights and textures of antique candlesticks to add interest to a modern coffee table.

    Choose pieces that complement your home’s style. Furniture and accessories from the 1920s work well when mixed with modern pieces, and ornate Victorian chests suit a shabby-chic style home.

    Remember to use a common colour throughout your space to make the different elements appear to blend seamlessly.

    You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to integrating antiques into your decor.

    Canadian Premiere of Marlon Brando and Audrey Hepburn by artist Silvano “Nano” Campeggi

    Joanne Bergen of Artophile, a well known Art Dealer from Port Perry, has acquired the exclusive North American rights to the original works of Silvano “Nano” Campeggi, one of the 20th century’s best known artists.

    Often called “Florence’s Greatest Living Artist,” Campeggi created images for over 60 Academy Award winning movies. Working for virtually all the major studios, including MGM, Warner Brothers, Paramount and Universal, many of these images have become major Hollywood and cultural icons.

    “I fell in love with the 84-year old painter when I met him in Florence. He instantly gave me a painting/collage of Marilyn Monroe’s face,” states Joanne Bergen, Artophile. “Campeggi pulled out painting after painting that were versions of scenes and characters that he did of film stars and movies of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s…most of which we recognized in absolute astonishment. These were icons we all grew up with! We felt greatly honored by the family’s trust in us concerning this undertaking.”

    A retrospective of Campeggi’s work was recently held in New York’s Lincoln Center. Plans are underway for a major show and sale in Hollywood.

    Artophile (Booth 18) is presenting an exclusive showing of two of Campeggi’s framed original works (Marlon Brando and Audrey Hepburn) at The Winter Antiques Show at Sherway Gardens. Visit http://artophile.com/dynamic/artists/CampeggiSilvano(‘Nano’)_Contemporary.htm to see a complete portfolio of available works.

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