Exciting New Thursday Night Market in Folsom

This year’s Thursday Night Market in Folsom is dynamite!

Previous Thursday Night Markets have been successful and interesting, Lori Wille, the new organizer wanted to make TNM even better than before, raising the bar on quality and interest, in keeping with Folsom’s historic district and community standards.

Over the past year, there have been big changes in the Historic District and environs. New buildings, new retailers, a stunning new library and a lot more. The Thursday Night Market is also a big change, designed for Folsom residents to take part in their exciting Historic District.

A Certified Farmer’s Market, located in a new position on Sutter Street, in the 700 block starting at Snooks’ Corner (Sutter and Wool) starts this Thursday, June 7th. There are four, possibly six market stalls, chosen to display a good range of top quality market items.

Folsom Historic District Association logo
Image: Folsom Historic District Association logo

Performance artist David Garibaldi takes the stage on Sutter Street to create original paintings in his unique style. After dazzling audiences in over 200 venues across the country, Garibaldi unveils his new “Rhythm, Color, Culture, Energy” series with a live performance in the middle of Thursday Night Market, followed by a reception at American Visions Gallery.

This year, the bicycle valet parking area returns, in a much better position, by the Chamber of Commerce in Wool Street, near where the band will be (a new spot for the band). Cyclists can leave their bikes in a space secured by the Folsom Area Bicycle Advocates (FABA) and as well as a valet ticket, they receive a booklet of ten discount coupons.

So now visitors can ride from home or park the car and ride in – and not worry about pushing their bike around the street or drive around looking for a parking space.

150 stalls are already booked, organized and positioned and most Sutter Street merchants will be open, so there should be plenty to do for everyone. There will also be tastings, raffles and giveaways.

Folsom Lake Toyota are bringing a Toyota Tundra Truck for display and Folsom Cycle Center have a great display organized too.

There will be plenty of food, so come hungry, and have dinner in the street or at one of the great restaurants.

NewsBlaze will be there, taking photos, looking for the person or group having the best time.

The Thursday Night Market is run, sponsored and supported by the Folsom Historic District Association.

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