Elena Talan – Denies She is Russian Spy

Russian actress and model Elena Talan goes on the defense today, to set the record straight in telling that she was not under investigation for being a Russian spy, contrary to recent rumors.

As the deported Russian spy Anna Chapman, and a group of other covert Russian agents sent here to gather intelligence for their Moscow handlers got busted recently, including Natalia Pereverzeva, (whose alias was Patricia Mills), Vladimir Guryev (Richard Murphy), Lydia Guryev (Cynthia Murphy), Elena Vavilova (Tracey Lee Ann Foley), Andrey Bezrukov (Donald Howard Heathfield), Vicky Pelaez, Mikhail Semenko, Mikhail Anatonoljevich (Juan Lazaro), and Mikhail Kutsik (Michael Zottoli) Elena Talan (whose birth name was Elena Zykova) states that she is not a part of that group.

Image, Elena Talan, A(c) 2010, Starpower Management LLC.

Elena Talan, who starred in Showtime’s sexy ‘Sin City Diaries,’ and now appears on ‘video on demand’ in the new film “Polanski’ which has gotten a lot of attention since the directors freedom, continues, “These so-called spies were not even good at what they were doing. They are just pawns in a much bigger political game. I am sure that I would have never been caught, I am still not caught (jokingly).” But it was just that type of joke at an outdoor cafe that led someone eavesdropping on her conversation to take her seriously.

“It got out of hand,” her manager Bruce Edwin states, “Fortunately the guy couldn’t even get a hold of anyone with any authority before she left the area.” Elena continues, “But seriously, when I was growing up, I wanted to become a spy. I thought it was very sexy.” “She means in a film,” Her manager assures, “Only in a film.”

Celebrity Elena Talan is a dancer and actress from Russia, who now resides in Hollywood. She speaks fluent English and Russian. She is represented by Starpower Management, the celebrity model and talent firm. For more information on this story, contact publicity department via the Hollywood Sentinel at TheHollywoodSentinel.com