Dyson Launches ‘Fluffy’ Handheld Vacuum in UK

With recent technological advances to battery power and life, Dyson has launched its newest cordless vacuum, the ‘Fluffy’ and claims that the vacuum has twice the suction that other cordless models offer.

The Dyson V6 Fluffy is designed for hard floors and has a soft brush that feels like a paint roller. The brush is padded nylon between traditional bristles and the company claims that it is much better at picking up fine particles and dust than traditionally designed rollers.

“The Dyson V6 direct-drive cleaner head has 150% more brush bar power,” the company said. “This agitates carpet pile more than any other cordless, tackling ground-in spills and stains. Efficient filtration removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, capturing allergens and expelling cleaner air [than it intakes].”

The cleaning company has also improved many aspects of the new vacuum. In addition to the redesign of the roller, the leading edge of the vacuum is raised to avoid pushing dirt and debris around, the brush is removable and washable, and all of the new vacuums use the V6 motor.

“We’ve invested more than Pounds 250m in developing our own patented motor which spins at up to 110,000 rpm,” said founder James Dyson to the Guardian. “The power-density that this provides means our machines remain nimble while providing more power than any other.”

Battery life is the major concern with the vacuum, at this time. Dyson claims that the battery life of 20 minutes is enough, with the ease of use and powerful motor, to clean an entire home. Charging takes three hours and there are issues with life span of the Dyson batteries. A replacement battery might be necessary in as little as a year.

The release of the V6 Fluffy came at the same time as Dyson released its top-of-the-line Dyson Absolute model. The Absolute features a more traditional cleaning head and Dyson claims that it is the company’s most powerful machine so far.

The new V6 Fluffy costs Pounds 399, while the Dyson Absolute retails at Pounds 450. The least expensive model in the new cordless V6 line starts at Pounds 299.

Khurram Aziz is a web entrepreneur who trained as a journalist. He is a freelance writer, runs online ventures, and consults on WordPress and Magento web development.