Credit Restoration Company Helps Consumers With Debt Fight Back

Predatory Credit Lenders

After allegedly misleading consumers into paying unnecessary fees and falsely threatening consumers with lawsuits, defendants in a debt collection operation have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges. This recent announcement is not un-similar to other stories we read about the government and lawyers of certain individuals attempting to hold accountable those unscrupulous institutations which attempt to prey on the poor, and deceive consumers.

The Loan Sharks

One company, called ‘Plain Green’ is actually offering certain consumers a guaranteed fast deposit of $2,000 dollars in to their bank account. Yet, when one reads the fine print, they will see that the outragous company is actually charging consumers a whopping 159.58%! So, in order to get two thousand dollars, the consumer is actually spending ten thousand,six hundred, and forty dollars within less than a year. This is an $8,640 dollar loss in 38 weeks. And, if one misses or is late on a payment? They may ruin their credit worse than when they started and took the two grand from this ‘loan shark.’ One could probably get a better deal from the mafia- not that I am suggesting either.

Why Americans Are in Debt

According to The Federal Reserve, as of March 31st, 2013, total consumer indebtedness was $11.23 trillion. This is actually a bit lower than it was in 2008, yet- still unacceptable. This is due to a number of reasons; One, one or more generations that have not overeall learned how to manage money or learned the value of money and how to handle it, two, a sense of self entitlement by some- thinking that just because their favorite star has the best that money can buy- that they have to have it too, and will do so at any cost, and three, not working, being lazy, and not producing more than one spends, and four, scammy credit card companies and crooked banks that prey on consumers weaknesses.

If you are like many millions of Americans, and are living in debt that you seem like you can not get out of, there are solutions.

The Solution to Debt

One company, that has developed a solid and successful track record since 2009, called C.R. Credit Restoration, advises making a budget, and monitoring your balance to make sure that no spending beyond the budget is happening. Mr. Gomez of C.R. Credit Restoration also suggests the importance of knowing what credit cards are all about. He urges consumers to know the interest rate, the billing cycle, the finance charges, the credit limit, the late penalty fees, and other important information that will help eliminate credit card debt.

Helping Consumers in Debt Fight Back

The problem is, most consumers don’t or won’t take time to learn these things and apply what they know. Therefore, Mr. Gomez states that this is why his company has been such as success. He helps do the dirty work of helping people learn, undertand, and repair their finances and credit, when many don’t want to.

Some Consumers Can’t Even Use a Bank

If you are in debt, have bad credit in the way of actions you want to happen with your finances, or are not even allowed to have a bank account due to chexsystems, Mr. Gomez with C.R. Credit Restoration states that this is not a problem. His company is devoted to understanding the financial situation of his clients, and helping them with their problems every step of the way.

Winning Against Bad Credit


Mr. Gomez states that bad credit may follow a person for up to ten years, any where they go. He suggests to not procrastinate handling the problem of bad credit any longer, and states that “a few minutes of your time can mean a lifetime of opportunities.” Free consultations with C.R. Credit Restoration includes a free credit report, with results delivered in just a matter of weeks.

Those in need may call C.R. Credit Restoration in Los Angeles, California, at 213-925-0281.

English and Spanish speaking clients are welcome.

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