Content is Queen and Audience is King

The U & I TALK SHOW, hosted by Louise Uwacu is embarking on a remarkable journey through the National Spotlight as time leads up to their 100th Episode. Along with this accomplishment comes a new cutting edge website ( to empower their voice and allow their followers to become a part of The U&I Dream Team as an independent contributor.

The U & I TALK SHOW seeks to give VOICE to the “Silent Thinkers and Dreamers” of society. Most importantly it is here to talk about the funny side of our dramas and to learn to love the ugly side of our beautiful lives, along with the Truthful side about the U & I of it all.

UWACU means “Our Own” or “The One that is Ours,” as it lives on the intent of being an open source media site where free minds come to find and share their knowledge and wisdom. This new website was created to do just that as it calls for all believers, who have a love of knowledge and laughter to be part of their International community initiative.

Louise Uwacu continues to be an integral voice in society that has the insight and opinions to speak on some of the most challenging topics of today. She will soon be going on an international tour, visiting area schools and colleges to challenge lovers of free speech to come join them in their initiative.

U & I = Uwacu + International

Louise Uwacu can help you with Logistics. Advice and more. Louise will give you her honest thoughts about what she knows now, after all her many trials and errors so you can do better and best on your own journeys. She has experienced with chaos and massive sudden death in her native country of Rwanda through war, massacres and genocide. The action of speaking her mind with one voice is the one way she expresses her wounds.

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