Celebrity Matchmakers at Elite Connections Help La Toya Jackson Find Love

“Life as a matchmaker is never boring, always exciting, and sometimes exhausting,” Elite Connections founder Sherri Murphy says. Yet, the Mother-Daughter team at celebrity matchmaking firm Elite Connections show no signs of slowing down. After matching the star La Toya Jackson on her hit reality show ‘Life with La Toya,’ and former Season 4 Bachelor Bob Guiney on his radio show, among other confidential projects that are currently in the works, Elite Connections founder Sherri Murphy and her daughter Tamara find that matching celebrities is similar to matching anyone else.

The Celebrity Matchmakers

Elite Connections is America’s top, upscale, elite matchmaking service for men and women, which is headed by Sherri Murphy and her daughter and business partner Tamara Pickle. Together, they have hand picked a team of other successful matchmakers that screen and recruit the best of the best, and after nearly twenty years, their business is better than ever.


Making Marriages

“We have an extensive screening process, yet can tell right away if we are going to be able to work with someone,” says Sherri. “Matchmaking at this caliber isn’t the same as other dating services. We spend a lot of time working with our clients helping them find the man or woman they are eventually going to marry, or spend their life with,” Sherri states. “How we do this is a part of our elite process, and is also dependent on the client and his or her specific needs.” Sherri continues, “From celebrities to high profile business people, everyone we match is kept in a database that only our matchmakers have access to, and are hand selected to fit each client’s essential criteria.”

Working with La Toya Jackson

When discussing what it was like working with La Toya Jackson, Sherri Murphy explains that, “La Toya is very shy, intuitive and sweet. It’s no wonder she’s afraid of new people with all the trauma she’s been through.” Sherri adds that “Most celebrities have the same concern and they are worried when they meet someone new. Questions like; ‘Does the person truly like me?’ or ‘Are they after fame, fortune or getting connections?’ Often concerns a star.” “You would think that celebrities would have big egos, but most are just as insecure and afraid of life’s uncertainties as the rest of us. With all of the celebrities we have worked with, getting to know La Toya was easy.”

La Toya Jackson Wants a New Man!

As seen on Oprah Winfrey’s Own Network with ‘Life With LaToya,’ La Toya Jackson is ready to start shopping for her dream house, but when it comes to finding a man to share it with, people have to wonder, is she really ready? Whether she’s looking for a mansion or a man, La Toya is one tough customer with very specific needs.

Elite Connections very own VIP Matchmakers Sherri Murphy and Tamara Pickle, owners of Elite Connections, matched the lovely LaToya Jackson this month on her hit reality show on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Helping Singles Get Connected

Sherri Murphy continues, “Most people are guarded, and it’s our job to help them open up. It takes a strong yet compassionate, intuitive person to be able to help singles find that someone special, especially when they think they know what that person looks like. Most people are very picky, and that’s where we run into the challenges that only an ‘Elite Matchmaker’ on our team can find a solution to. The greatest part of the job is a successful match, and that is our number one priority!”

Elite Connections – Helping Homeless Kids

Another priority and a cause close to her heart, is helping others. Sherri Murphy has hosted a black tie event for the past fourteen years, ‘Party with a Purpose’ helping Southern California’s homeless children have the Christmas of their dreams. “Homelessness is a huge problem, and there is nothing closer to my heart then being able to give back,” Sherri Murphy says. With a silent auction and fundraiser hosted every year, Sherri says that “100 percent of the proceeds of ‘Party with a Purpose’ go to a different organization each year geared to helping those in need.”

sherri murphy tamara pickle
Sherri Murphy and Tamara Pickle, celebrity matchmakers of Elite Connections, www.EliteConnections.com

Mother – Daughter Team

Rounding out her large staff, Elite Connections founder Sherri Murphy feels that she is also as close as any mother and daughter could be, which can be rare. Sherri Murphy and her daughter Tamara not only work together, they are best friends. They’ve been to client weddings in Scotland, canopying in Costa Rica, snowboarding in Sundance, and have been in each other’s weddings. They are a perfect pair, and based on the success of their business and the matches, and loving partnerships they have created prove – they are a great, and winning team.

Find the Love You Need

For more information concerning Elite Connections, contact Sherri Murphy toll free at 800-923-4200 or visit the official Elite Connections website at: www.eliteconnections.com

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