Can’t afford to advertise? – Can you afford not to?

When times are tough, we all look to economize, but there are some things we must avoid if we are to have any chance of surviving.

In order to make people aware of our existence, we need to advertise. How else can they find out about the great products and service that we offer?

We would all like to appear in the number one spot on Google when people search for the things we have to offer, but how many of you reading this are that lucky? And how many of you (who are that lucky) can be certain you will still be in the number one spot tomorrow, or next week?

Everyone is aware of the power of Google, they have cornered the market as far as searching is concerned, and their “Google Ads” are everywhere!

I’m sure you have heard the news recently that Google are now introducing “Interest-based” advertising on its partner sites and on YouTube. Google said “it is launching interest-based advertising with three important features that demonstrate its commitment to transparency and user choice, and control.”

Google claim that “Users get more useful ads, and these more relevant ads generate higher returns for advertisers and publishers,” But who really gains the most from this and who really has the “control”?

It is not that cheap to be involved in Google’s advertising schemes, and like most advertising, there are no guarantees that the hits will convert into sales. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter to Google whether you make a sale or not, they win whatever the result.

And with their ability to apply sophisticated techniques to their marketing methods, it is getting almost impossible to compete, forcing people to use their services or face extinction. But does it have to be that way?

Basically, the scheme is to provide low cost advertising. ProFindSearch does not have a fraction of the hits that Google receive (who does?), but if the interest in the scheme is sufficient, it will attract visitors who are looking for more traditional advertisers. Businesses that haven’t needed to increase their prices to cover advertising costs!

As ProFindSearch is a small search engine in its own right, visitors can search for what they need in the usual way. The only difference is that advertisers have a much better chance of being found on ProFindSearch than they would on Google (because there are less entries). Imagine trying to get noticed on Google for the search term “Software Games” (126,000,000 entries).

Of course, more people will use Google than ProFindSearch, but if a visitor can’t find you in the first 3 pages, does it really matter? The whole point of advertising is to get noticed, so which is better, a site with massive traffic where no one sees you, or a site with thousands, where you can get noticed?

Closer Look at Advertising

You can find out more about the FREE ProFindSearch Affiliate Scheme HERE, but the hope is to attract members who will place special banners/links on their site (or other appropriate places) in order to encourage others to join. Members receive a commission when a sale is made through this special link (this is available on four levels). They even receive a commission if they purchase an advert for themselves, making the rates even lower than they already are.

All clicks, sales and commission can be viewed in the member’s login area, which is updated in real time. Sales are automatically tracked with a special code built into the link, and a cookie is placed on your visitor’s computer, so that you still get the credit for the sale if they decide to purchase an advert later (up to 365 days)

As people are likely to inspect the advertising area, before purchasing an advert of their own, this increases the chances of existing advertisers getting noticed. So, the more that take part, the greater the chance of attracting a potential customer.

In addition to the advert, there is of course the benefit of having an inbound link to your site and the increased possibility of appearing on one of the other major search engines (most of the adverts are optimized).

For those who wish to promote this scheme but don’t have their own website, you can have the affiliate link built into your advert!

With nothing to lose from taking part in this scheme, it is certainly worth trying. You can promote your own business (cheaply), and make money helping others to do the same.