Brett Furman Undeterred to Close Deals During Blizzard of 2016

The big snow storm of 2016 did not stop Brett Furman nor his company RE/MAX Classic from missing a beat. While everyone else was closed, RE/MAX Classic was open – from home. They outlasted the storm and remain on top while everyone else is digging out from the bottom.

“Their new telephone system played big dividends to the employees, agents and clients,” said Brett Furman. Bria and their new VOIP system allowed agents and staff to turn their smart phone into a full featured office telephone.

Inclement weather helped RE/MAX Classic to take advantage of mobility options offered by their new VOIP Telephone System. “Its simple solution that our technology consultant installed last year when they upgraded our telephone system with the latest and greatest technology available,” said Brett Furman. The snow did not stop the staff and agents from delivering the high level of service our clients and customers are accustomed to all in the safety and comfort of their home.

Furman’s book, entitled What You Really Need to Know about Selling Your House offers a comprehensive, step-by-step series of tips and advice to help home owners prepare their homes for sale. It’s a great guide to take you inside the deal and explain the best ways to success. The book is considered a “must-read” for home sellers who want to make the process as efficient as possible.

About Brett Furman: Brett Furman, Broker-Owner of RE/MAX Classic, believes in the power of technology. He is an award winning Real Estate Broker and expert Negotiator.

During the 28 years of his real estate career, Brett has taken every opportunity to apply the most current technological advances to his real estate business for greater efficiency and better, faster service to his clients.

He believes that there is power in marketing programs, the use of advanced technology and social media outreach. When you work with Brett, it won’t take you long to realize that he takes his work seriously.

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