Bearizona Offers Awe-Inspiring Historic Wildlife Park

A special trip to Flagstaff, Arizona, allows tourists and train buffs to enjoy taking a train ride to the Grand Canyon in Williams. This is referred to as “One of the Seven Wonders of the World.”

On your way there you really should visit the awe-inspiring historic wildlife park of Bearizona, in Williams, Arizona.

Bearizona offers tourists a North American wildlife park that covers 163 acres. Visitors can drive into the wilderness and clearly see herd and pack life from the safety and comfort of their own private vehicle. The wildlife drive is really enjoyable. Next, you can park your vehicle and visit the walk-thru park. This is a separate area, and it is home to smaller animals. If you love birds, this is a real treat because there is an exceptional bird show.

Tourists at Bearizona.

Christina Kwan, a United States National and World Amateur Boxing Champion was there. She said visiting Bearizona and going on the walking tour is a unique experience. Christina had a very special personal encounter with a baby bear cub.

I loved it and found it quite therapeutic to witness.

I didn’t know before, that a recent study showed nature is a necessary part of a child’s and adult’s life. That is why Bearizona has become such a great destination to children and adults to experience on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

After touring the park, you can purchase a souvenir, as a reminder of your visit. The gift shop has an excellent range, and the snack shop has a nice range of food available, including the very popular barbecue chicken sandwiches.

Sean Casey, the Chief Executive Officer of Bearizona told our group his Mission. He said, “Our mission is to promote innovation through memorable and educational encounters with North American wildlife in a natural environment.”

bearizona entrance
alt=”bearizona entrance

The vision of Bearizona Wildlife Park is “To connect visitors to wildlife and the land in which they inhabit, while using the best practices for economic, environmental and social sustainability.”

They certainly did that! It was a very worthwhile trip, relaxing, interesting and energizing.

For more information visit or call 928-635-2289.

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