Should Car Insurance Quotes Be Lower for Female Drivers?

There is a general perception that female drivers, as a group, are bad drivers compared to men. There seem to be a lot of different opinions on the subject. Quite a few men reveal a casual disregard for female drivers, but even some women think that women as a group are worse drivers than men. Going against that idea is that insurance companies in most states tend to offer cheaper rates for women. The North Carolina car insurance quotes average about $477 for a 6-month policy, while for men it is $519.

So let’s take a few facts and stats to back up opposing sides of the debate:

Are Women Terrible Drivers?

  • In the UK, 40,863 women failed their driving test because they lacked control when they went into reverse. 18,798 men failed for that same reason.
  • Women are also less likely than men to pass their first attempt at a driving test.
  • Women are also 4 times as likely to admit that their partner is the better driver, with 28% of women saying their male partner is better while it’s just 7% for men.
  • About 48% of women are more likely to use their cell phone while they’re driving. For men it’s lower, at 40%.
  • About 20% of women also admit to putting on makeup when they drive, and 3% of women have caused a collision because they were distracted by cosmetics. Obviously, makeup isn’t something that most men are concerned with at any time.
  • Women have more car crashes because of a lapse in judgment while driving.
  • In car crashes that are of equal severity, women are more likely to be injured or killed.
  • Given the fact the fact that there are more male drivers on the road, statistically an accident involving 2 male drivers should account for 36.2% of all car crashes. Accidents involving 2 female drivers should only account for 15.8%. But a very thorough study of US crashes from 1988 to 2007 found that accidents with 2 male drivers were at just 31.9% (not 36.2% as expected). Car crashes involving 2 female drivers were at 20.5% (not 15.8%).
  • The same study found that women were also more likely to be involved in a car crash at an intersection.

woman driver.Or Are Women Better Drivers?

  • The average 6-month auto insurance policy for women in the US costs $698. For men, it costs $765.
  • Men are also a lot more likely to commit a traffic violation than women, even when the ratio of men and women on the road is taken into account. For violations such as reckless driving, DUI, and seat belt violations, more men are cited, at more than a 3 to 1 ratio.
  • Men are more likely to drive at least 25 mph over the speed limit.
  • Men are also more likely to get on the roof of a moving vehicle, which is extremely stupid to say the least.
  • Men are also more likely to ride a motorcycle. This may be legal, but for auto insurance companies it’s generally considered the most lethal legal vehicle on the road.

So what does this all mean? Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, be sure to follow traffic rules and remain responsible. That should help keep you out of car crashes, and you’ll enjoy lower car insurance quotes as well.