Real Estate Listings in Longueuil Near the Best Restaurants

For foodies browsing through Longueuil real estate listings, one of the important factors to look for is the property’s proximity to good restaurants. It’s great when you can just go out and walk to a dining establishment close to your home.

So now we have places to eat, but which are the best restaurants in Longueuil? Here are some of the top candidates:

  1. L’Incrédule. Located in Rue Saint-Charles Ouest, L’Incrédule is in an exquisitely renovated house that traces its history back to 1830. Yet it’s thoroughly contemporary as the restaurant offers a stylish interior and the traditional French cuisine comes with a modern take. Start off with homemade black pudding before you dig in on the veal liver, before you finish the meal off with various sinful sweet treats.
  2. Le Méchant Loup. Found in Chemin de Chambly in the very heart of St-Hubert, Le Méchant Loup is a neighborhood bistro where friends can gather comfortably. Appetizers include mini yellow beet salad with goat cheese, while you can try the risotto and braised lamb as your main dishes. The place also offers a remarkable wine list.
  3. Restaurant Méridional. This is another cozy bistro found in Chemin de Chambly where the focus is on Moroccan and Mediterranean fare. If your group consists of 6 people, ask chef Kamal Berrahal to make you the fantastic Couscous Royale. This is a huge platter of couscous, with veal, chicken, and kafta. It also contains lots of veggies like carrots, yams, and potatoes.
  4. Copains Gourmands. This is on Rue Guillaume, and the specialty here is French-Québécoise cuisine. Here the chefs are innovative and creative, so you can have crème brûlée with foiegras. For your main course, you need to taste the black pudding en croute with molasses and pearl onions.
  5. Moghel Tandoori. For lovers of northern Indian cuisine, look for a place near Boulevard Jacques-Cartier E and pop into Moghel Tandoori whenever you want. Old favorites such as chicken tikka masala are available, but you’ll also find more exotic fare such as spicy mulligatawny soup and fish pakora. While the achargosht is a hearty meat dish, vegetarians can still enjoy palakpaneer (spiced spinach and homemade cheese) or tarkadahl (pureed lentils with spices and onions). It’s BYOB, by the way.
  6. Rougail de L’Île Maurice. Are you a fan of Creole dishes, partial to Indian fare, or a fanatic for Chinese cuisine? Then you need to try the cuisine of Mauritius, and for that you have to go to this restaurant on Boulevard Sainte-Foy. You can begin your meal with a popular Mauritian street food called niouknien, made of meatballs with beef, chicken, and chayote. Then you can go on and enjoy octopus curry for your main dish.

Longueuil, in Quebec province, is an adventurous place for foodies, so check real estate listings for homes and condos near your favorite restaurants!

restaurant meridional.
Restaurant Méridional, Chemin de Chambly.