Seven Odd Things That Are Legitimate Investments

These days there’s no shortage of unique investments. There are still the traditional investments – real estate, stocks and bonds. But after the last recession, people are understandably interested in diversifying their portfolio.

Are you one of those people? If so, you may be interested in these odd, yet potentially lucrative, investment vehicles.

Seven Odd Things That Are Legitimate Investments 1
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Foreign Currencies

The experts at remind investors that sometimes the uncommon assets are the ones that provide the best return. Among those uncommon assets is foreign currency.

This is not advice to bet against the U.S. dollar, but foreign currencies can actually be a better investment. The value of currency fluctuates, which impacts exchange rate. The valuations can change quickly with very little warning. National and global events can also affect the value of a currency.

For example, the value of the Iraqi dinar has stabilized over the last year as unrest in the country has settled. If you’re going to invest in foreign currency it pays to use exchange rate calculators like the ones at to track valuations regularly.

Virtual Currencies

Some people are taking currency investment to the extreme with virtual currencies. It’s a new form of payment that uses virtual coins that are kept and exchanged between online accounts. Banks aren’t needed to facilitate the process, and the virtual currency can be converted and cashed out in any form of tangible currency.

Bitcoin is by far the most recognizable virtual currency today, and it’s made headlines recently for its skyrocketing value. This is partly due to the fact that a limited number of Bitcoins will be created, which adds a level of scarcity to the mix. However, virtual currencies are like the Wild West of investing. They aren’t regulated

Fine Wines

Many people enjoy drinking a glass of fine wine, but did you know it’s actually an investment tool? Like stocks, you have to pick the right wine in order to see a return. Today, one of the best vino investments is the French wine Chateau Pavie. The vintage, or year, also makes a difference.

If you want to get into wine investing it may help to find an aficionado who can help you. Wine experts have a nose for sniffing out good vino investments at all budgets.

Vintage Cars

Any gearhead or car lover will tell you vintage cars are a great investment. Vintage Ferraris are particularly lucrative. Collectors can’t get enough of these handcrafted beauties.

Of course, with this type of investment, you typically need to have money to make money. You’ll also need to be very active in the car scene. The best deals usually aren’t advertised. You have to be in the loop to know when a vintage gem is available.

4H Investments

Who knew farming could be a good investment? Food is a critical commodity, but the cost of operation is crippling for many farmers. The solution – invite investors to help shoulder the cost.

You can get in the agriculture game by joining a cow rental program and getting a cut of the milk and cheese sales. There’s also beef cow leasing and investment opportunities for dressage horses. Hogs and soybeans are also hot commodities.

It’s difficult for most farmers to get agriculture loans. Investors are stepping in to help farmers keep operating and in the process, they get a cut of the profits. Ultimately, everyone wins because the investments help keep the cost of food and meat from increasing.

Storage Units

Even before the show Storage Wars storage units were a sound investment for people that don’t mind rummaging through worthless stuff to find the diamonds in the rough. But actually owning and operating self-storage units is much more lucrative.

Bloomberg Markets Magazine noted that self-storage units were showing up more frequently in real estate investment trusts. With a three-year annualized return of 21.2%, it’s clear to see why storage units are in demand.

Military Antiques

To capitalize on the collectibles market, it pays to know what people will pay top dollar for. Military antiques are a collectible that draws a lot of interest and money. They attract firearm enthusiasts, history buffs, and veterans. All three of those groups see value in owning military antiques, and their personal interest can help push up the price.

No matter what you’re investing in, the key is to buy good quality at a good price. Learn as much as you can about the commodity and get the help of experts when you aren’t sure about the return.

Anne Lawson
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