Motorcycle Insurance Shopping 101

Whether you’ve just purchased a motorcycle or still shopping around for that perfect bike, there is no doubt that your mind is already thinking ahead to all the adventures to enjoy on the road. Owning a motorcycle is more than just having access to transportation, it’s a lifestyle choice and opens the door to some rather incredible journeys. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting excited about a new motorcycle, it’s important to also be aware of the steps to take to be a responsible rider and get the bike on the road.

Here in the US almost every state requires riders to have motorcycle insurance in order to take a bike out on the road. And even if the state doesn’t require it, it’s just good sense to not only protect the investment (the bike itself), but also the rider and any passenger against accidents, damage, and loss. So, just as there are tips when it comes to finding the ideal motorcycle, there are also some shopping tips to follow when looking for the ideal motorcycle insurance.


Qualify for a Multi-Line Discount?

A great place to start is often with your car insurance provider, if applicable. There are a number of insurance companies that offer multi-line discounts, meaning if any who already has a car insured with them, motorcycle insurance is also available at a discounted rate. Obviously this is great for those on a budget and for those who don’t want to have to pay multiple premiums to different providers each month.

Is There Anything Needed to Do?

Another thing to consider is whether or not there is anything extra needed to do to qualify, or get a better rate. Again, some providers will offer discounts if the bike is parked in an enclosed and secure place like a garage, whether a security alarm is installed on the bike, and if the rider completes a safety class in motorcycle operation.

What Kind of Coverage Does the Plan Offer?

It’s also important to look at the specifics of the coverage. There is liability, comprehensive, collision, medical coverage, roadside assistance, and more. Typically, aim for the most amount of coverage as possible, for complete peace of mind.

What About the Deductible?

Be sure to also look into what the deductible is. This is the amount needed pay out of pocket on any claim, and then the insurance provider will pay the balance.

Save Time and Hassle

Like most people today, you probably don’t have a whole lot of extra time to be doing research, calling up individual insurance providers, and asking a ton of questions. That is exactly why places like Insuranks,, come in so handy. They can find the best motorcycle insurance agencies and companies for any situation, display the quote online, and thereby provide enough information to make the best and more informed decision.

Each of these tips can help to find the best insurance for everyone’s needs and budget.