How Millennials Can Supplement Social Security Benefits

The future state of Social Security benefits has younger members of the workforce burdened with yet something else to worry about. Even though recent news reports state Social Security benefits will be available for millennials, it’s still a good idea for them to do everything they can to supplement those benefits. Here are several ways for younger workers to better ensure they can retire comfortably and confidently.

Pay Down Current Debt and Avoid Future Debt

Paying down current debt and doing everything possible to avoid debt in the future frees up income. Without worrying about lenders and banks taking out interest every month and another bill to pay, millennials have more money to put back for retirement.

There are plenty of budgeting apps and programs available to help borrowers, no matter their age, get their finances under control and eliminate debt. While doing so can take longer than some may like, it’s sure to be worth it in the end.


While putting money into a savings account is great, it’s even better to invest in the stock market. It’s understandable for people to be wary of investing, as doing so can be rather intimidating. That said, investing can pay off bigger and better than savings alone. Just like budgeting, there are lots of free resources available to teach newcomers about how the stock market works and how to create an investment portfolio that works for them and their personal level of risk. One essential factor to bear in mind when it comes to investing is it should be done for the long haul. Looking to make a quick buck is often considered risky and a waste of money.

Learn More About Social Security

Rather than allowing Social Security benefits to remain as a semi-nebulous concept, millennials should supplement their future benefits with current knowledge. For instance, in addition to Social Security retirement benefits, there are also Social Security disability payments. Besides tapping into online resources, turning to experienced law professionals like Shook & Stone can yield a great wealth of knowledge of how disability payments work. Such payments may become necessary if a younger employee sustains a major injury on the clock and is deemed unable to work. Knowing how the program operates can go a long way in providing younger employees peace of mind.

Focus on High-Yield Savings Account

Any money put into a savings account should be put into a high-yield savings account. Looking into Certificates of Deposit, commonly referred to as “CDs,” that offer higher interest than typical savings accounts is a great idea. The more money that’s contributed to a CD, and the longer the CD is allowed to mature, the better.

Before getting a CD, young bankers should read over the terms fully and carefully. For instance, there’s likely a penalty fee for withdrawing funds before the term date has passed. Smart investments combined with equally smart saving strategies could pay off big time in the long run.

It’s great to pay attention to the forecast for Social Security, no matter what age a person is. That said, taking additional steps to ensure financial preparation is always a superior option. Putting the above tips in action is sure to make millennials look forward to retirement rather than dread it.

Melissa Thompson
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