Five Types of Insurance Needed Throughout a Lifetime

Insurance is a necessary part of life as all people will need one form or another at some point. If they do not have insurance they will have wished that they did, as this can help protect a person financially in case of an accident or natural disaster. There are many types of insurance.

Insurance companies differ immensely when it comes to cost and the types of coverage they offer. Companies also differ on how long it takes to pay a claim as well as the availability of a personal agent.

The following are the five types of insurance an individual might need throughout their lifetime and explanations of people that will need insurance of these types.

Life Insurance

Life insurance becomes much more important when a person has a family to take care of. If a person is the primary breadwinner they do not want something to happen to them then their family struggles financially.

The last thing that an individual want is to lose the family home due to mortgage payments simply not being able to be paid. A person understands the earning potential of their spouse and what it will take to raise a child if they have one or multiple.

Talk to a life insurance agent to see what plans they have available as the premiums tend to be reasonable enough if they are in good health without any preexisting health conditions.

life insurance, one of many types of insurance.
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Health Insurance

Health insurance is completely necessary in the US as one accident could put a person or family in financial ruin for years to come. Healthcare costs are immense with a few day stay in the hospital adding up to what some people earn from working for a year. Costs have not gone down and this does not look like it is going to change. Insurance through an employer is one of the best options a person can have as insuring a family of five can cost thousands per month.

Unit Linked Insurance

Unit Linked insurance plans or ULIP can be used in a variety of ways. This can help make the payout process from life insurance, retirement, or education benefits go much more smoothly.

These plans are usually opened in order to protect the beneficiaries by providing coverage. This is set up much like a mutual fund which allows a return on investment without risks that can be associated with certain stocks. The premiums for this are reasonable and the peace of mind a person will have is unmatched!

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is important to have as veterinarian bills can add up quite quickly. Something as simple as stitches or a tooth removal can cost more than most mortgage payments do. For those people that might not be able to afford a huge vet bill pet insurance allows a person to pay a small fee monthly that will cover expenses if the family dog becomes sick or injured.

One thing to note is that this does not cover preventative care like that of medications for fleas or heart-worm. This insurance allows a person to make decisions based on the health of a person pet rather than making a decision based on what a person can afford financially.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is required for people in flood zones that have a mortgage and for good reason. Flood damage can be devastating as a person can lose quite a few valuables and the cleanup can be extensive as well as expensive.

Not having professional help clean up can lead to issues like that of mold which when it forms requires a professional to help for hundreds of dollars. If the mold spreads this could cost thousands of dollars and can impact healthy negatively if it is not found in a timely manner.

The above are types of insurance that a person might need in their lifetime. Being insured offers a peace of mind that many people cannot turn down!

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