Accounting Firms Should Never Forget About Great Customer Service

Any successful business will tell you how valuable good customer service is to their success. Customer service sets the tone for how you operate, and how you interact with clients. This is especially true for Accounting Firms.

Customer service also gives firms the chance to put into action things that can build a great foundation for ongoing client relationships.

​Great customer service will always deliver tremendous benefits to accounting firms in the form of highly increased customer retention, higher client referral levels and an enhanced reputation in the local market. Simply put, more people will want to hire you, work for you, and tell others good things about you.

Here are the keys to great customer service in accounting:

Train Your Entire Staff in Customer Service

Accounting is not just a service you provide to clients, it is a service business and how you and your team interact with clients will make the difference between them loving you or biding their time while they find someone they like better. Therefore everyone in your organization must be trained on how to interact with and keep clients happy.

When clients arrive in your office, they should be greeted warmly and made to feel welcome. As staff pass them, a friendly greeting is nice and shows that their business is appreciated. If they ask someone a question, make sure the person listens and directs it to the appropriate party in your firm. When they are spoken to, employees should be courteous and respectful.

There should be an emphasis on checking on them regularly, especially if there is a delay in getting to them because another meeting is running long. Remember, they are spending their hard earned money on you.

The more you show them you appreciate them, the better the chances they will keep coming back. If you have no idea what to do, be sure that you contact specialists like Lawyers are sometimes needed to deal with contracts and more.

Face any Problems Quickly and Directly

If there are problems or the relationship is turning negative, be proactive. First, try to identify the problem. The best way to do this is reviewing what has happened and if needed, ask the client. Set a time to sit down with the client face to face in a working session to talk through problems and find solutions.

Every relationship will have some rocky times so expect to have to go through some with each of your clients. The key is to be proactive and responsive to the problems. Do not belittle them or put them off because this may appear to your client that you are not interested in their well-being. Finally, when you fix a problem, ask your client for feedback on how you and your team did.

Always Be Available

Your clients’ accounting issues will not only occur during business hours, so you need to make sure you are available to answer questions and offer guidance at times outside of business hours.

With quality cloud accounting services included in all of Intuit’s tax and bookkeeping products, you can always access client files and review them anytime.

If there is a problem you cannot attend to immediately, you should reach out to them and offer a solution that can be implemented in a brief time.

accounting office great customer service. Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay
Accounting office customer service. Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay