8 super effective ways to save money every day

Most people find themselves in a compromising position at some point in their financial journey? Instead of fretting, they can turn around their financial life by taking a few steps in the right direction. But like any life-changing decision, it’s usually the first step which is the hardest.

While earning more money might not be immediately possible, individuals can try to control their spending habits. By becoming more conscious about their spending habits, people can save money in unimaginable ways.

That’s why here is a list of 8 ways that can help anyone save money and transform their lives for the better. While some of these steps only take a few minutes, others require a bit more effort. By using even a few of these methods, troubled individuals will be able to see a stark difference in their bank balance over time.

1- Identify impulse buying

Most of us overstep our budget due to unnecessary impulse buys. This is why it is important to stop for a few seconds before planning to buy something extravagant and ask oneself whether it is truly important to buy it? ? If the answer ‘ to this question is ‘yes,’ that’s fine.

The idea is to become aware of impulse buying patterns. Slowly, a person with overspending habits will start to notice that these things don’t really add value to their life and they won’t be living on autopilot anymore. They will notice that being aware of one’s buying choices will help them make more conscious buying decisions.

2- Spot marketing tricks

Usually, marketing campaigns are cleverly designed to convince a person that they really want something they really don’t need. Sales and discounts will also convince them to buy something just because it appears to be a good deal. Marketers play with people’s emotional weakness and insecurities so that they give in and buy their product. By following the first step and identifying one’s buying habits, anyone can become tough and resist their temptations easily.

3- Start selling

Gone are the times when people thought that their collections would bring them riches. Fads like Beanie Babies and Longaberger baskets are available for a fraction of their original cost on Craigslist and other resale websites.

Avoid that situation and don’t buy items of questionable value. If someone is a fan of collectible items, it is recommended that they start selling them before it’s too late and recoup that money for worthy financial goals.

Read this “Guide to Selling Unwanted Items” to learn simple strategies that can help people earn more profit through reselling.

4- Give DIY gifts instead of buying from the store

Anyone can save loads of money by creating their own homemade gifts. Not only will the gifts have a higher emotional value but this technique will also save some precious dollars. There is a wide variety of DIY gifts like food mixes, photo frames, candles, fresh-baked bread or cookies, soap and so much more that can make perfect giveaways. Look for inspiration on Pinterest, as they have countless tutorials for all sorts of DIYs.

What’s more, people with limited cash can even use discount coupons for art and craft stores like Hobby Lobby discount coupons and buy crafting essentials for a fraction of their original price.

5- Make a list before going shopping

The best way to save on grocery shopping is to write a list and stick to it. Not only will it help to avoid impulse buys, but it can actually help a person to stay healthy and avoid food wastage. Try to go weekly grocery shopping instead of random unscheduled trips.

Also, sign up for the cash back rewards program of the local store. Members get bonus cash backs on each purchase. Use these tips to save on the next shopping trip.

6- Quit smoking

People who smoke should know that it is not only a costly habit but also a potentially deadly one. So, quit smoking today to save loads of money and add years to one’s life.

Go cold turkey altogether or try some of the anti-smoking products that make it easier to quit. People are much better off without smoking, so make a choice and quit today.

7- Hide the credit cards

Many people have e a habit of overspending by using credit cards. So, a good tip to prevent this from happening is to hide them or keep them out of reach, especially when one steps out of the house. Try to freeze them in a block of ice. Keep it for emergencies only.

8- Make a progress chart

People need the motivation to stay on track. So, create a visual reminder of the financial progress. Looking at a progress chart which starts with debt and ends with a big fat zero, will help anyone stay motivated.

Each time a debt is cleared, fill the chart to see the progress bar go higher. It’s a sure fire way to lead a debt-free life!


Many people find themselves overwhelmed with the struggle against debt. Whenever this happens, try to read a motivating finance blog and get inspired to stay consistent, no matter what!

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Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.