5 iPhone Apps to Keep Track of the Stock Market

Traders have increasingly started using their smartphones to gain insight on stocks at all times, perfect their craft without risking the value and trade their portfolio for profit. The business apps for stock market have earned a lot of positive reviews in the past year and as a result more and more people are turning towards these apps as it is convenient and gives real time information without you having to be on calls all day.


Robinhood allows you to trade stocks without any commission fee! The app is a game changer with most of the users of the app being first time investors. The average age of the users of this app is 26 year old. Some of the more experienced traders may be spectacle about the app but there is no denying that is one of the most convenient ways you can trade in your stocks while saving the commission fee.

The app won Apple Design Award, making it the first financial app to do so. Robinhood is very simple and has easy to use user interface. It uses geolocation to suggest you relevant stocks that you might be interested in. Robinhood has earned a lot of positive feedbacks from the users and the new update of the app lets the users share insights making it easier for other users to understand.

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TD Ameritrade Mobile

TD Ameritrade Mobile helps users trade in equities, options, futures and forex. It offers many features that help the users monitor the market and making trades. TD Ameritrade Mobile has an integrated live stream from many CNBC regional channels and a financial news service which keeps you updated with the news about the stocks. TD Ameritrade Mobile has abundance of resources that you can use to do comprehensive research of your investment and benefit from the services. TD Ameritrade Mobile has an interactive market calendar that lets the users chat with other traders and learn more about upcoming events.

TD Ameritrade Mobile app lets you analyze the trends and keep track of your positions and orders. It can also be used to transfer cash and deposit checks simply by taking a photo with your smart phone camera.

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E*Trade Mobile

E*Trade Mobile is a very easy to use trading app. It has a very simple and easy to use interface that helps you trade easily, it even has a voice search function that lets you locate stocks. E*Trade Mobile makes it very easy for you to trade in a verity of securities such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and options. E*Trade Mobileprovides you real time quotes and information from the trusted sources like Morningstar, MarketWatch, Briefing.com and various others and you also have the option to tune in to CNBC Video on Demand so you have information on your fingertips. E*Trade Mobile is available for both android and iOS devices and it can also be connected to smart watches for easier access.

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Stock Markey Wave

Stock Markey Wave is a great app to keep track of your stocks and keep yourself updates with all the stock market news on your smart phone. You can work with multiple portfolios in real-time with this app and it works with stocks listed on 59 exchanges around the world. Stock Markey Wave supports buy, sell, dividend and split transactions. You can also import stock portfolios directly from Google spreadsheets making it very easy for traders. Stock Markey Wave also reports top daily gainer and loser stocks so you can make an informed decision.

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If you like being informed all the time about your investment and monitor stock market in real with a simple visualization of the market data on your smart phone then StockTouch is a must have app for you. The new traders will benefit greatly with the informative content on this app. You can sort the stocks alphabetically, by size, by market capitalization, by percentage gains and by volume. You can either zoom in to get detailed information about a stock or you can touch anywhere on the screen to gain more insight into market trends on companies and sectors. The color-coded heat maps helps the traders track the market’s ups and downs at any given time.

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