5 benefits of starting a business in Dubai

Dubai rapidly gained the status of one of the most prolific cities in the world as it developed not only in a fast manner for the past decades, but also concentrating on the ways the business can be performed in excellent conditions. Being the top business center of the Middle East, Dubai continues to improve the business environment for both nationals and international investors. There are many reasons why Dubai can be the top destination for your future operations, but the following are the most important ones.

  1. A beneficial tax regime

Dubai’s free trade zones are known for the ease of doing business and for the advantageous tax regime. In this sense, foreign investors should know that their companies are exempt from taxation. Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Internet City, Dubai International Financial Center are only a few of the main free trade zones where businesses benefit from a series of tax advantages.

  1. 100% ownership in free zone businesses

Another reason why entrepreneurs from abroad decide on Dubai for business is the complete ownership in the company if this one is incorporated in a free zone. If registered outside of a free zone, Dubai offers the possibility of owning only 49% of the company which needs to be established in partnership with a local investor.

  1. A booming real estate sector in Dubai

The real estate investments are highly appreciated and considered when deciding on doing business in Dubai. Knowing that the tourism sector is a prolific one, there are numerous investment opportunities in the real estate sector. Besides that, investors can decide on building office spaces as there are many international companies looking to set up their operations and thrive in Dubai.

  1. Varied types of companies to open in Dubai

Public limited liability companies, free zones companies, private limited liability companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships are among the entities which can be easily established in Dubai. The registration process is a simple procedure and investors from abroad can benefit from a fast start on the market from this point of view.

  1. A great standard of living in Dubai

Starting a business and living in Dubai are two great ideas that complement each other because the business climate blends with the high standard of living in the Emirate. Dubai is known as a very much appreciated business hub and also as a well-developed city that offers top facilities, starting with the transportation and ending with the city’s generous culture.

Investing in Dubai can be the determining factor for both a solid business and a top class living and development in a city which is extremely appreciated on an international scale.

Melissa Thompson
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