4 Investment Trends To Monitor in 2019

Investment opportunities are everywhere, and with the market in recovery from the Great Recession that set many investors back on their heels in 2007, some younger individuals are looking for new ways to grow their money. From current real estate fads to e-commerce technology, new investment trends are emerging as the dust settles from the previous decade’s setback. If an individual is not certain how to make the most of their investment funds, then they may want to take a look at some opportunities that are currently turning heads in the market.

1. Streaming Services

Gone are the days when missing a favorite television program meant catching up on the highlights with a friend the next day or waiting for the episode to run again over the summer. Streaming services have made on-demand viewing a convenient reality, even if an episode aired the evening before. Services like Netflix and Hulu have gained significant subscribers in the past few years, and the future is also looking bright for plug-and-play streaming devices, such as Comcast and Roku.

While investing in these companies’ stocks carries a certain amount of risk due to market flux, the rise of streaming technology is likely to continue due to viewer demand, as these customers are always looking for increased convenience. Ad revenue for online services has also increased steadily over the past few years, so this is an investment worth looking into if a person enjoys technology.

2. Electric Vehicles

If a person is like most millennial and post-millennial investors, they may be concerned about climate change and how pollution levels are affecting the planet. If this is the case, then they might want to look into investing in the development of electric vehicles. While these cars were once considered an eccentric mode of transportation, many car companies are poised to offer hybrids or fully-electric models to consumers.

Companies such as Tesla and Coda Automotive are experiencing a rising output for electric vehicles, which may signal a stable and prosperous investment atmosphere for both. However, before a person decides to invest, it is wise to first perform a bit of research on each so they can make the most informed decision possible.

3. Cannabis Production

Unlike countries like Canada, cannabis is not legal nationwide in the U.S., and only a few states allow recreational use and sale of marijuana products. These laws may change in the future, especially when lawmakers start to understand the potential benefits for states that struggle with massive debt problems. In fact, many investment experts believe that this market is likely to grow exponentially in the next several years.

While it is difficult to say whether the legal cannabis market will follow these predictions, an individual can still participate. If they are a cautious investor, they can dip a toe in with a small investment to gauge its possible potential. Consider starting out with one company so they can track the results carefully and then expand once they become more confident about navigating this market.

4. Foreign Currency Exchange

While the foreign currency exchange market is not new, it is rising in popularity as an interesting investment possibility. Known in investing circles as Forex, this opportunity involves buying currency from another country with another, and then collecting a profit if the difference between the two rises. However, since the value of a nation’s currency can rise or fall from one hour to the next, this type of investing requires market focus and may prove challenging for a beginning investor.

If a person wants to delve into the world of foreign currency investing, then it is a good idea to find a few US Forex Brokers that can help them learn the ropes and offer daily information about the market. Having a trusted broker may make them feel more confident about their investing choices.

New investment opportunities are offering innovative ways grow existing money. Monitoring these trends could prove to be profitable in the future, whether it is an experienced or a novice investor.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.