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Marcella Glenn is a freelance writer, blogger, novelist, and former business editor, who hails from Pennsylvania. She’s amazed at how words are stirred together to create word master-pieces. She looks forward to hearing from you. Scribble a note to her through NewsBlaze, or her blog at critiqueandwrite.blogspot.com.Follow Marcella on twitter at twitter.com/marcellaglenn.

Father of Jesse James’ Mistress Speaks

Michelle McGee wasn't aware of Jesse James' marriage.

Google Stands-Up Against China’s Censorship

Google stopped its censoring of China's search results. The Google.cn service is directing its Chinese users to Hong Kong where they can enjoy an uncensored service.

Attention, Wal-mart Customers: ‘All Black People Leave Now’

Actions of one teen set in motion anger, frustration, fear and Wal-Mart to make a change.

Colleen LaRose aka Jihad Jane Facing Life Behind Bars

A would-be terrorist is stopped before the murder and mayhem started.

Additive Linked To Salmonella

A Nevada company, Basic Food Flavors Inc, manufactured the bad additive, The Food and Drug Administration reported. It can unfold into one of the bigger recalls.

A Technique to Cure Writer’s Block

If that fails, I've discovered techniques, along the writing road, to cure writer's block. I'll disclose one approach. It will work for fiction, non-fiction, and poems.

Brand Ban in Retail Stores

Retailers are accommodating customers by providing a brand ban.

Interview: Master It

Remain calm and organize your thoughts to master a job interview.

Have You Experienced Buzz@Google?

'I've heard about Buzz, but not sure what it is.' Several people said. Google's Buzz is a social media sharing service. It shares photos, videos, updates, and links from Gmail. Buzz works with mobile browsers too.

Fish Saves Sanity?

You reach the train's plat-form. Teens are standing there whispering among themselves as people approach. What will you do in scenario one?