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Marcella Glenn is a freelance writer, blogger, novelist, and former business editor, who hails from Pennsylvania. She’s amazed at how words are stirred together to create word master-pieces. She looks forward to hearing from you. Scribble a note to her through NewsBlaze, or her blog at critiqueandwrite.blogspot.com.Follow Marcella on twitter at twitter.com/marcellaglenn.

BP Resorts To ‘Top Kill’

The BP oil company will update reporters, public, Tuesday- today- about stopping its gushing oil. They will use 'top kill' to plug-up the Gulf of Mexico spill.

Google’s Channel Will Change Future Television

It's ran by Google's Android operating system. Users search from their televisions, web and DVR. It works like Google search.

Sausage, Bacon, and Hot Dogs = Heart Attack Risk

Eating processed meats leads to heart disease, while unprocessed meats are better for you.

Former Harvard Student: Fake

A former Harvard University student faked world class credentials with two Harvard prizes and perfect grades. He created a history of plagiarizing others' work- a Massachusetts prosecutor explained.

Facebook’s Unique Security Feature

In case of unauthorized activity, log-ins, a user is sent an e-mail or text message so he/she can take action- stop the hacker before information is stolen.

Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Gel: Don’t Drink

The Food and Drug Administration is telling people not to drink Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Gel after reports of people consuming it. It should be applied on the skin.

Walgreen Plans To Sell Genetic Testing Kits

Walgreen, United States pharmacy, is in the planning stages of providing genetic testing kits for people to determine what diseases they are at risk for.

Cocoa: Protects The Brain During A Stroke

Sylvain Dore- John Hopkins University's School of Medicine- with other researchers revealed that cocoa has epicatechin that shows positive in protecting brain cells from a stroke.

‘Facebook’s Glitch’

On Wednesday, users found a gate-way to their Facebook friends private chat conversations. Facebook closed the gate-way, hole. This new glitch heightened feelings of mistrust for the service to safe-guard personal information.

Recall: Bacteria In Tylenol: Burkholderia Cepacia

Burkholderia Cepacia found at the Johnson and Johnson plant was responsible for the recall of children/ infants Tylenol- resistant to common antibiotics-according to The Food and Drug Administration.

Being Over-Weight Puts Kids At Risk: To Bullying

A study concluded that being over-weight increases a kid's risk of being bullied by 63 percent. Race, gender or family income do not play a role if the child is obese as previously thought.

King of Pop’s Ex-Lawyer: Dead

The ex-lawyer of King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was found dead today. Peter Lopez, 60- married to Catherine Bach, 56-year-old actress- was found in the couple's California home.

KFC’s Mission: Make The Largest Donation In History

KFC's mission is to donate the largest amount of money in history- to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. KFC's Buckets for the Cure has a pink web site. It displays survivor stories, and is stuffed with breast cancer facts.

Students Formed A Walk-Out On Facebook

Michelle Ryan Lauto- 18, college student- arranged the rally. A college student that went to high school in Bergen County. Some students expressed their views.

Aviation Professionals Should Take Cock-Pit Distractions Seriously

Airlines have to enforce policies that make sure pilots pay attention when in the cock-pit, and not on laptops or other devices- the Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration explained.

The Brain Isn’t Set-Up To Multi-Task

If you can't do more than two activities at a time, don't become upset, depressed. A study proposes that the brain isn't set-up to handle more than two activities at a time.

Re-Cap Search Feature On Twitter

Twitter's search engine is stuffed full of knowledge about anything, everything, pertaining to what's going on now. Let's say a friend mentioned today that Marcella Glenn entered school B in a contest. Only, it was several days ago.

Food and Drug Administration Re-Evalutes a Bacteria Killer- Triclosan

A chemical that's added to most products for human safety will be re-evaluation.

Microsoft Office 2010 Give-Away

Microsoft's strategy is to make customer switch-over from Microsoft Works to Microsoft Office easy, and profitable in the long-run.

The Federal Aviation Administration Changes An Ancient Pilot’s Policy

The new policy is to make safety better by encouraging pilots to seek medical attention, or admit using medications without worrying about losing licenses.