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Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.


Is Life Like a Looking Glass?

What you see in most cases is exactly who you are. I know some people look into a mirror and see a good looking person looking back but there is always those who see a different person looking back at them than who they think they are.
differing opinions.

Are You Prepared for Another ‘Joplin’ Disaster?

The restoration of towns and neighborhood destroyed by terrible storms may take years to be accomplished.
veterans day

A Tribute to All US Veterans

Today is Veteran's Day and this is a tribute to those who serve and have served our nation in battle and in service throughout the world.
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US Marine Corps Celebrates 236 Years of Service

The Marine Museum in Virginia has the spirit of the Marine Corps and the honor of the Marines from the Privates to the Commandants of the Corps through the years.

Are Financial Systems of the World About to Crumble?

There is one thing we can be sure of and that is if the Federal Reserve continues to print dollars and the market becomes over flooded with worthless dollars we are going to have serious money problems in this country.

Is American Constitution Subject to Change to Meet Modern Demands?

Much of the orginal constitution if still in place would give the people the power to correct problems, not wait for elections times.

Get Rich Quick or Not – Gambling is Another Distraction We...

Views of an older person on morality in our nation today and where are we headed? The effects of gambling on our society along with the moral fiber of this people in America

‘Cancer’ Strikes United States of America

Surgery is painful but it is better while we are now suffering pain to make an attempt to cure than just to remain in pain and slowly die inch my inch.
Yelling opinions.

My Forward Look and My Look Backward

Life is a great experience but so is moving forward into the next phase of life. Death, no one really dies we just move into the next experience.

Why are Americans Listening to Environmentalists’ Prophesies of Doom and Gloom?

If there is no problem someone is going to find something to create a problem. The Chicken Little syndrome 'the sky is falling.' The real problems are ignored and noise and scare tactics seem to work and distract.
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No Theory just Faith

The measurement of time varies according to where life is located and how time is measured in that sphere. For everywhere there is a time and to every person wherever they exist, time is measured in whatever dimension they stand.
differing opinions.

Why Blame ‘Wall Street’ for US Financial Mess?

They WS are not the real problems of America. If they bribe others to gain more control they are at fault but those who can be bought are the real malefactors of our society.

What Has Happened to Mercy Among People in The United States?

Mercy loves company meaning those who share love toward their fellow man recieve mercy as their reward... People need to realize life is only good when we do good to and for others.

Faust: The Learned Man

In our youth we mostly thought of life as what was then and not what might be some fifty years later. Funny how the years change our views of life and the struggles we endured change our opinion about almost everything. From our selfish thoughts

Government of The People

Governement of the people needs the people to understand their duties to control the governement, not the governement to control the people. How can a government develop the ability to govern itself?
differing opinions.

Washington Pretends To Serve The People But Instead Gives Away Liberty

Political wrangling over spending. A government that acts under pretense to help the poor and supports such programs that give away the liberty of others is not in the best interest of the people.