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Syed Tashfin Chowdhury is a Senior Staff Writer at the New Age, one of the leading English dailies in Bangladesh. He has over seven years of experience in journalism with magazines like Campaign Bangladesh and the number one English daily in Bangladesh, the Daily Star. Tashfin also has over three years of experience in public relations.
Red Herring Asia 100

First Bangladesh Company Wins 2010 Red Herring Asia Tech Startup Award

News on Red Herring Asia Tech Startup award won by Somewhere In Net, a social media company based in Bangladesh

A Thoroughly Entertaining Spy Flick

Despite being cool and calculative, Urban's character constantly tries to seek the truth and motives behind the orders he is being given by his superiors.
UCD celebrations

Impoverished Street Children Experience a Day in Wonder Land in Bangladesh

How the teenagers and youth of Bangladesh put on the shoes of street children for an entire day while the underprivileged children were entertained at an amusement park for the duration of the day

Anthrax Outbreak in Bangladesh Hits 254

The number is increasing rapidly since its first reported case tentatively around August 19 of this year in Shahjadpur and adjoining upazilas of Sirajganj.

‘Shelter’ Movie Review: a Disappointing Horror

Movie review of 'Shelter', the 2010 horror movie, starring Julianne Moore, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and others

Intl’ workshop urges Asian women to unite against globalization & fundamentalism

A report on an international workshop about globalization and rise in fundamentalism that is affecting Asian women organized in Bangladesh

Inception Movie Review: a Thought Intensive Sci-Fi

A review on Inception, the movie. Dreams intrigue most people, as it still remains mostly unexplained by modern science. Christopher Nolan, probably, wrote the script to 'Inception' while being motivated by this idea.

Stifling Tolerance: Protests Against Mosque Projects

While almost everybody does not want such an incident to occur anywhere on the face of the planet again, it could very well happen in the USA, where the Tea party movement can pave the way for similar racial segregation and backlash to occur.