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Shruti Gupta is a writer and digital marketing consultant at Rankmebest.com. She has a passion for technology, startups and other business topics. She lives and breathes digital marketing, and has contributed to a number of famous websites. Her aim is to spread her thought-provoking ideas to all generations.

karan oberoi

India’s Top Fitness Model – Karan Oberoi

Fitness modelling is a growing trend that is blurring the line between two different worlds - the worlds of extreme fitness and fashion. Being...
safety audit.

Safety Audit Software Keeps Companies Prepared 24/7

For organizations, safety and compliance are two factors that often demand close attention. Having an effective safety plan is a brilliant decision that companies...
baton rouge injury attorney.

Risks Associated With Roundup: Baton Rouge Injury Attorney Legal Article

Babcock Partners, LLC, a well known Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney, has published their latest legal article throwing light on the risks that come...
motor insurance changes.

IRDAI Sets Out New Motor Insurance Rules

In a recent development, IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) made it mandatory for all general insurance companies in India to issue...
standing desk

Studies Reveal Standing Desks Improve Health, Life Expectancy

Workforce health has become a targeted topic of discussion over the last few years due to the increasing number of corporation employees experiencing health...

HDFC ERGO launches New AI Enabled Chatbot on Amazon Alexa

In a recent development, India's third largest private general insurance company announced the introduction of its artificial intelligence enabled Chatbot on Alexa, Amazon's cloud-based...
becoming a sun book cover

The Spiritual Origins of Happiness

In his first book, Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life, the spiritual director of Emissaries of Divine Light,...
Medellin is known as one of the major startup capitals in Latin America.

Latin America Business Boom: Start-Ups Connect with Large Companies

In recent years, Latin America has emerged as the world's best start-up region. Even more interesting, however, are the curious alliances being formed between...
supreme court south korea

South Korean Comfort Women – Governments Committed To Agreement

In times of war, some women were made to work in brothels to provide comfort to the men who were fighting for Japan. This...
rev. chris oyakhilome healing school.

Chris Oyakhilome’s August Healing School Session Reaches Capacity

Rev. Chris Oyakhilome held the August session of his 2018 Healing School in Lagos, Nigeria. Many gathered for the event, with several nations present,...
Jivan Mizuri.

Rolsen Group Invests in B&J

Established in 2016, B&J, the acronym for Jivan and Blend, is one of the leading currency and oil trading companies in the world. It...
nasscom futureskills - blockchain contribution to Indian Economy.

Blockchain Contribution to Indian Economy in Five Years

Blockchain technology is gaining momentum slowly and steadily. It increases productivity and reduces costs. The blockchain news updates report that a leading official of...
pastor chris oyakhilome

Thousands of Believers Chose Event By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Over Football

Thousands of pastors, partners, and leaders gathered to participate in a special conference on July 14th and 15th 2018. The event was organized by...
kang kyung wha

Japan Complains South Korea Not Following Up on Comfort Women Agreement

On Tuesday, South Korea's government fielded Japanese complaints that it has not been following through on terms reached between the two countries concerning Korean...
kourtney kardashian.

Kourtney Kardashian Gets PRP Facial

Kourtney Kardashian is the next from the Kardashian family to get a PRP facial. On Friday this week, Kourtney posted a video on Snapchat...
kamloops woman, shar froese

The Kamloops Mat Project: Helping the Needy

A little back in time, around one and a half years, a woman in Kamloops invented an innovative idea to help the needy and...
student loan consolidation.

Debt Consolidation: Is It a Wise Choice?

Debt consolidation has long been a hot but controversial topic. Where some people are more than happy to centralize their loans, be it home...
working remotely means no commute.

Working Remotely Vs. Working In The Office

Working remotely has always been a pleasure for Americans and now, more Americans are taking the opportunity to work remotely, for some time at...
wikipedia editing.

The World of Wikipedia Editing

For businesses and brands, a robust digital presence is vital to their success. It doesn't matter if it is a brick and mortar store...
long form video instagram

Instagram Planning For Long-Form Video

Soon, Instagram will allow its users to share longer videos. The news is that the photo-sharing app will let users to share videos of...