Tourism Post COVID-19 – Turkey Should Top the Bucket List

The COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic has created mayhem everywhere. Every industry is badly hit and none more so than the tourism sector. Nobody is able to travel anywhere and it is not changing soon. But industry experts believe that by the end of the year the pandemic would be controlled. Once the pandemic is controlled they are certain that people will start traveling.

One great recommendation for those planning to travel as soon as the world reopens is Turkey tours.

Why Turkey tours? The reason: Turkey straddles two continents. Most part of Turkey is in Asia and a smaller part of Turkey is in Europe. Where else can you get to visit two continents in one country? The country has a rich culture and history and is also blessed by nature. Given below are the top reasons why Turkey should be on everyone’s bucket list:


Turkey is famed for its food. Book a tour of Turkey immediately just to enjoy the food, it is a gourmet’s delight. Food cooked in Turkey by Turkish chefs has a unique taste, especially kofta, shawarma, pilao, kebab and the wonderfully delicious baklava.

Turkish Coffee

Coffee and Turkey have become synonymous. Turkish coffee is renowned the world over. Most if not all tourists on their Turkey tours make it a point to visit the many coffee shops. People in Turkey visit coffee shops to not just drink the wonderful coffee but to socialize with friends. Do take in a game of backgammon if possible in the coffee joints.


The former capital city of Turkey, it is still the city that most travellers to Turkey visit first. The city encompasses both Asia and Europe. Most of the city is in Asia while a smaller part is in Europe. Tourists can traverse the continents on a ferry.

The city has influences from the Roman era; it was the capital of the Ottoman Empire and so on. When in Istanbul visit the Hagia Sofia. It is a spectacular museum though originally it was a Greek Orthodox Church. The Ottomans converted it into a mosque and now it has been turned into a museum where visitors can get to see precious urns, mosaics and many other artefacts.

The main draw for the Hagia Sofia though is its dome. It is a great example of architecture in the Byzantine times.

Aside from the Hagia Sofia, another important landmark in the city is the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which is famously known as the Blue Mosque. The tiles of the mosque are painted blue by hand and it is also usually lit up with blue lights every evening. It is a sight to behold and people visit Istanbul just to see the Blue Mosque in all its glory in the evenings. On a side note, it ought to be mentioned that the Blue Mosque was constructed more than 400 years ago.

After feasting the eyes on the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofie head to the Topkapi Palace. It is believed to have been constructed nearly 600 years ago. The Ottoman Sultans used to reside in the palace. It has now been converted into a museum and tourists can visit the Royal harem, the courtyards etc.

While at the Topkapi Palace tourists should not miss the arms collections. And finally a visit to the Grand Bazaar to shop for memorabilia is mandatory.


The rocks in Cappadocia are similar to fairy chimneys. The best way to view the beauty of the place is by going on a hot air balloon trip. Early morning in Cappadocia many hot air balloons dot the blue sky which is a sight to behold. When in Cappadocia, tourists should make it a point to visit the Uchisar Castle. It is on the highest peak in Cappadocia and travellers can really feast their eyes on nature’s beauty from the height.

There are many tunnels and caves in the mountains here and many caves have been converted into hotels. To truly enjoy the place tourists often stay in these hotel caves.

The religiously inclined can visit the many churches here. For those who like to hike, the place to go to is the Rose valley. After a hike, try the local wine. Cappadocia is famous for its local wine and tourists really enjoy the taste and often come back for more.


This place is also known as Hierapolis. It is a place that has thermal springs which have been in existence since time immemorial. There are many monuments which tourists can visit while here, and the most famous monument which tourists throng to is the archaeological museum. And last but not the least just dip into the thermal pools and relax. It has a curative effect and totally rejuvenates a person.

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