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Rama Rao Malladi is a distinguished commentator and columnist on South Asian affairs, based in Delhi.

When Will China Read the Riot Act to Pakistan?

Pakistan and China are on the same page on the terrorism front. Pakistan has placed the founder of LeT, Hafiz Saeed, under a 90-day house...

Sino-Indian Relations: Chinese Forked Tongue

Sino-Indian relations have taken a new beating with China's latest impudence - a warning from the mouthpiece of the Peoples Liberation Amy, PLA Daily....

India’s NSG Quest and the China Angle

The decision of the NSG plenary in Seoul not to entertain India's application for membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is indicative of...

India ‘Not Happy’ With Nepal’s New Constitution

People living in the foothills of Nepal feel shortchanged by the new constitution and the area has been rocked by violence. Sections of the elite see India as the villain...

‘All Is Not Well’ With China’s Free Trade Zone

Guangdong is one of the three FTZs this March despite the country's first such venture failing to click in Shanghai even 18 months after it got the go ahead.

Smuggling of Indian Red Sanders to China on The Rise

Smuggling of Indian red sanders to China is emerging as a lucrative business. This highly expensive wood has multiple uses that range from as an excellent absorbent of nuclear radiation to production of aphrodisiacs,and musical instruments as well a

Is China Fueling Myanmar’s Wars?

China is exerting a negative influence on Myanmar; Chinese state-owned companies are paying less to local workers and more to expatriate chinese workers; this is creating a resentment and has already resulted in the first pen down strike.

Maldives Prez Yameen Accused of Using ‘Non-State’ Actors Against Opposition

Political turmoil in Maldives is deepening with every passing day with the ruling alliance using strong arm methods to silence the opposition.

To Deal With Terrorism, Pakistan Mantra: Talk, Talk, No Action

Post-Peshawar massacre of school children, expectations of an all out drive to smoke out terrorists, Pakistan appears to be doing no more than a Good Taliban - Bad Taliban jig.

Now Sri Lanka Gets a New Version of Watergate Called ‘Weeratunga-Gate’

Colombo is rocked by allegations that Lanka envoy to Moscow and Kiev during Rajapaksa rule illegally supplied weapons to pro- Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine. The new government of President Sirisena has recalled him but he has reportedly gone 'm

Pakistan Supreme Court Stumps President Zardari

Pakistan Supreme Court by its decision to order a judicial probe into Memo-Gate scandal that has pitched President Asif Ali Zardari against the all powerful army has stumped him and in a way paved for his quick exit

India Must Open Channels of Communication With Pakistan Military Leadership

The new 53-page report co-sponsored by the US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Aspen Institute India (AII) makes a strong case for India and the US working together to address the wost case scenarios in Pakistan.

Some More Winds of Change in Myanmar

The decision coincided with the 'International Day of Democracy', and the visit of a US special envoy to Yangon. Democracy Icon, Aung San Suu Kyi has welcomed the move saying that changes are on the horizon in Myanmar.

Al-Qaeda’s Nerve Center Remains Dangerous

ISI is a part of Pakistan army and it reports to the army chief. Many heads of ISI have gone on to become army chiefs. Present army chief Pervez Kayani was heading the ISI just before his elevation.

Poverty Bomb Threatens Pakistan

48.6 percent of Pakistan's 165 million people are food insecure, according to a 2010 report prepared by the Islamabad-based Sustainable Policy Development Institute (SDPI), World Food Programme (WFP) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Coopera

US-India Strategic Dialogue: Hostage to Order Book Syndrome?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will hold a structured strategic dialogue with India's foreign minister in New Delhi. Both countries have a vested interest in the well-being of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Unwelcome Dragon’s Gift

China's economic aid comes with a price, says the author citing the experience of Namibia and Angola. Sri Lanka's Hambantota port experience also bears this out as the cost of the China aided port is zooming past US $ 2 billion mark

Aircraft Carrier to Join Chinese Fleet By December

Addition of aircraft carrier to the Chinese naval fleet may not alter radically the dyanmics of the equation between the Mainland and Taiwan but it will set in motion a new arms race to the delight of merchants of fire power.

Did Pakistan Give Up on Osama to The Glee of Americans?

If Pakistan could house him in luxury in a specially built house so close to Islamabad, and protect the trail of his video tapes to the media (his last tape was released on Jan 21, 2011), it could have easily protected his courier as well

Paradoxes in China’s Miracle

There is a flip-side to China's economic miracle. The gap between the rich and poor is one of the largest in the world. China is also home to 'investment immigration' with 'new rich' 'buying' citizenship abroad in order to give good education