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Rama Rao Malladi is a distinguished commentator and columnist on South Asian affairs, based in Delhi.

9/11 Had a Spiritual Angle, Says Indian Professor

In a new spin on 9/11 that changed the world scene, an Indian Professor sees a divine plan in the tragedy. 'Meher Baba had called the money madness of Wall Street as a bubble and said it was so easy to prick', the academic adds

Robin Raphel in conflict of interest controversy

Robin Raphel, the US non-military aid coordinator for Pakistan worked as a lobbyist for Pakistan until a week before taking up her new job. This goes against the very vocal conflict of interest policies of Obama administration

America’s Pakistan Problem Rooted in US Policies

America's problem in AfPak region is not Taliban alone but Washington's willingness to go along with Pakistan and ignore its terrorism enterprise

‘Pakistan Heading for Chaos, Anarchy’, Says a New Study

The outlook for Pakistan is disturbing, says a think-tank, Policy Research Group (Poreg) and cautions against American withdrawal from Afghanistan. The country is entering a period of political volatility and Islamic upsurge and the result would be

Sri Lanka Must Allow Dissent, Relax Curbs on Media

Now that the Tamil rebels have been crushed, Sri Lanka must return to normal rule of law with dissent welcomed and administration decentralized to usher in true democracy.
LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran with his family at happier times

Prabhakaran Very Much in Wanni Say POREG Experts

Where is Velupillai Prabhakaran, the beleaguered pedelar 'Eelam dream' to ethnic Tamils of Sri Lanka? He is very much in Wanni jungles and has not fled as yet, say POREG experts
Meher Baba

Judas helped Jesus, did not betray, says Meher Baba

Meher Baba provides answers to nagging questions on the role of Judas in the crucifixion of Jesus and says the betryal of Judas helped His universal work.

Give up ‘P’ and ‘K’ fixation, Stephen Cohen tells India

Long time South Asia watcher, Stephen Cohen, cautions India against hotpursuit of terrorists in Pakistan and opines that by 'liberating itself of Pakistan fixation, India can take its rightful place in global order.

How can I be a true Christian?

'How can I be a true Christian? Why Jesus did not marry? These questions find an interesting reply from Meher Baba, who is known as the Silent Messaih. Revisiting these replies provides food for thought as Chritmas is around.

Pakistan On Operation Image Make Over in US

Pakistan army and ISI have turned to lobbyists to refurbish their imnage in the United States but the effort may create a scandal as American law expressly prohibits financing of such effort by covert agencies, says an analyst

China Threatens neighbors in South China Sea

China appears to be flexing its muscles in its border disputes in the South China sea to brow beat neighbours to fall in-line or face musich

India-Sri Lanka Tight Rope Walk

Civilians are caught in the conflict between the army and Tamil rebels in the north of Sri Lanka. And pushed up political temperature in India's Tamil province, Tamilnadu.

Pakistan’s Concern: How to Get Back to Basics

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has to address the basic problems of food, shelter and health to his people while coming to grips with terrorism - both home grown and al Qaeda variety.