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Spc. Michael Pfaff
Spc. Michael Pfaff is a writer and photographer with 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Kentucky Army National Guard.
Sgt. Andrew S. Chard explains how his link deflector innovation works to the Secretary of the Army Francis Harvey

Soldier’s Innovation Prevents Machine Gun Jam

'All it does is take a problem in the design and creates a solution for it,' explained Sgt. Andrew S. Chard, of B Company, 426th Brigade Support Battalion and Hudson Falls, N.Y., native.
Cooks Spc. Jonathan Hill, Spc. Michael A. Lockett, and Spc. Jerald D. Jeitner, at dining facility

101st Cooks at FOB McHenry

The dining facility at Forward Operating Base McHenry represents a true rarity among Army bases in Iraq; on the serving line, enduring the intense heat of the kitchen, and cleaning up the facility are actual Soldiers.
Pfc. Jana Rutherford, a driver

Female Soldier From Czech Republic Understands Iraqi Struggles

Her stay in Iraq and sacrifice for a country experiencing trying times, much like her native country once did, will hopefully help do the same for a young Iraqi child...
Sheila Pereira, Judo Instructor, Teaches The Gentle Way

Sheila Pereira, Judo Instructor, Teaches ‘The Gentle Way’

Pereira, who gives new meaning to the phrase 'fight like a girl', said she's never been in a fight on the streets, but that's just part of her lifestyle.
Students at a Kirkuk schoolhouse were all smiles when Iraqi Army 2nd Brigade brought truckloads of supplies

Iraqi Army 2nd Brigade Plans and Leads Humanitarian Effort

Students at a schoolhouse in Kirkuk were all smiles today when the Iraqi Army's 2nd Brigade showed up with truckloads of supplies for the kids.
Iraqi Army 2nd Brigade, 4th Division soldiers handle a detainee captured after cordon and search planned, executed with little coalition forces support

Iraqi Army Nets Three Insurgents, Transitions Towards Independent Operations

The Iraqi Army's 2nd Brigade captured three suspected insurgents during a cordon and search of a neighborhood in Kirkuk.