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John Kays identifies timeless remnants from our past that will endure, or be admired by future generations.

cecil hotel

Was Elisa Lam Another Homicide Victim at LA’s Creepy, Haunted Cecil...

Cecil Hotel has a rich, haunted past; it won't leave! Elisa Lam's performance in a spooky elevator surveillance tape reanimates musty memories, undisturbed, but not entirely put to rest.
drug overdoses

National Center for Health Statistics Report: Prescription Drugs Majority of ODs

A letter published in JAMA, outlining a shocking report generated by the National Center for Health Statistics tells us drug overdose deaths are up 11 years in a row. The particular statistic cited is 38, 329 drug ODs culled from 2010 raw stats.
hubris saddam hussein

Bush Administration Lies Exposed in MSNBC’s ‘Hubris: Selling the Iraq War!’

In her introduction to Hubris: Selling the Iraq War, Rachel Maddow holds a facsimile of the Tonkin Resolution, which gave LBJ the authority to initiate the Vietnam War.
christopher dorner protests

‘Christopher Dorner Affair’ Leaves a Bad After-Taste in Our Collective Mouths!

I believe, part of what's behind Saturday's modest protest, is the entire history of the LAPD, which would need to include the still controversial Rodney King imbroglio.
oscar and reeva

Oscar Pistorius Shoots Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp Four Times! Home Invasion?

What's the recent violent Nike ad about, pulled from the airwaves? 'I am the bullet in the chamber!' Pistorius is such a bullet, now charged with murder.
liz and dick

For Saint Valentine’s Day, I Give You History’s Five Most Enduring...

John Kays' shares history's five most enduring couples as well as what these famous or better infamous LOVERS did, within the context of their place and times.
obama state of union

President Obama Gets Specific on Manufacturing Jobs and Clean Energy

We have to bring manufacturing back, if we sincerely hope to get the economy firing on all eight cylinders again. Specifically, Obama mentioned Caterpillar, Ford, Intel, and Apple will all open up plants in our country! Good start!
papua new guinea

Kepari Leniata Burned Alive on Charges of Sorcery in Papua New...

Kepari Leniata was accused of sorcery by the relatives of a six-year-old boy, who recently died in a hospital under unclear circumstances (or the cause of the boy's death has not yet been reported).
jodi arias xvi

Jodi Arias Constructs a Fragile Sandcastle of ABUSIVENESS on Witness Stand!

Jodi Arias coached to the T makes all her stories seem real to her, in a make-believe world of fantasy.
jonbenet ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey’s Grand Jury Findings Revealed!

Amazing that the local newspaper has unveiled the grand jury rulings from 1999 in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation!
mcstays home

The McStay Mystery Only Deepens on the Third Anniversary of Their...

I got involved in the story about a week after they disappeared, when my editor, Judyth Piazza, sent me a link in the news as a good lead to cover.
urooj khan 2

Is Urooj Khan’s Harrowing Story of Fortune Morphing into a Disaster...

A Chicago Sun Times article (dating from yesterday) on the latest revelations in the sudden, bizarre death of lucky lottery winner, Urooj Khan, looks more like a movie script for an Oscar winning film,
melissa ketuniti

Why Was Melissa Ketunuti Murdered in Philadelphia’s Swank Rittenhouse Square?

Why did this aberrant behavior surface on a sacred day for our nation? Was the killer known to Melissa, or was he a stranger? Where did Melissa go Monday morning? What businesses did she visit? Her dog walker found her at around 12:30 PM.
janice joplin flowing blue hair

Does Janice Joplin Still Reign Supreme As Psychedelic Blues Queen?

I got around to noticing it was Janis' 70th birthday, last Saturday, January 19th, so I decided to examine her life and music as critically as I could, suspecting some of the excessive worship could use a bit more temperance.
dark side cover

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Is the Past, Present,...

The clocks are striking, cash registers are ringing. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon Is the Past, Present, and Future! I want to be a part of that; maybe I wasn't wasting my time so badly after all, that drifty, dreamy summer of 1973.
phil spector and ronettes

His Wall of Sound – Why Is Phil Spector the Greatest...

Phil Spector is the greatest pop record producer of all time. A thorough pruning of all the myth and hogwash surrounding the bumpy career and life of Phil Spector will be required before you can hope to understand why his records are so perfect, rea
wes naman

Wes Naman Resurrects Pop Art with Humorous or Scary Scotch Tape...

Now everyone on the planet earth knows who Wes Naman is, since he took a proactive approach and ran with a slaphappy Pipedream.
jodi arias xv

Jodi Arias Murder Trial: A Bloody Carpet, Police Audio Tape, and...

What's new in the Jodi Arias murder trial (in Maricopa County Superior Court)? Without just parroting the same old spiel of blood-spattered sinks and blonde-haired beauty queen turning into a monster female stalker, I thought I'd mention just a fe
aphrodite jones

Aphrodite Jones True Crime on ID Recalls Chilling Femme Fatale Nanette...

Nanette Johnson, Bill McLaughlin, and Eric Naposki are very familiar to me; I've researched and written on this case before.
urooj khan

Urooj Khan Undone By a Accursed Million Dollar Scratch Card!

In Urooj Khan's moment of jubilation, which resembles a twisted sugar high we've all experienced ourselves before, Urooj gives Ashur a hundred dollar bill as a token of his appreciation.