Austin Martin Launches a New Line of High-End Fashion Fitness Apparel!

“I was inspired to get into the fashion game because I like to wear and own clothing that no one carries in the mail or around town and in a cosmopolitan city such as Houston, that’s not so easy to do.” – Austin’s Fashion Scene Strikes Gold, by Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Gold Plated Fitness

Can you be fashionable when making a beeline to the gymnasium to get your daily dose of fitness? Apparently so, according to a rising star in the growing sector of fitness fashion design, Austin Martin (located in Houston, Texas), who’s about to launch a dynamic new line of high-end fitness clothing, in mid-November! What gives?

I’m as much in the dark as you are, having been conditioned to work out in a raggedy tee-shirt, tattered gym shorts, and paint-stained tennis shoes. Yet, I’m starting to get my education now, after hearing about Austin from my editor (Judyth Piazza).

I conducted a short email interview with him, wanting an end to my cluelessness, and here are 5 questions and 5 answers I received from this amazing creator and CEO of GOLD PLATED FITNESS (GPF).

1. Tell us the short version of your story. How did you come up with the idea for GPF? When did that happen?

I have always been into fitness and clothing. My goal was to always look good in the gym. People started asking me where I purchased my clothing and how I’m able to find such unique things. That is what got me thinking. Houston needs something unique and hard to find. Nobody likes wearing the same thing everyone else is wearing. Gold influences me, it means power!

2. How has B-Star’s Ingenious Clothing influenced you?

Because he has major support from his Houston fan base and friends and he chose something simple and believed in himself and made it work. What I am doing is something completely original and something I am passionate about; the biggest reward to me is to see my friends and family wear and support something I created and believe in me and wear something that I fabricated, money cannot buy that feeling.

3. Are you already selling your line? Do you sell your clothes yourself, or do you have a distributor?

I am working everyday as hard as I can to get this line out by the middle of November and I will be the main distributor of this line. At this point I will not need anything but myself and support from all my friends and family to get where I want to be.

4. Can I get some pics of you and of some items in your line?

In late November 2014, I will have pictures of myself and others in my line that you and everyone else will be able to view and purchase.

5. If you have a promotional blurb or something written up, I’ll take that too.

My promotional advice/blurb is:

“No matter what happens in your life, if you believe in yourself and have passion about what you’re doing there is no limit to how successful you can be.”

A very interesting idea, FASHION and FITNESS resemble two happy-go-lucky LOVEBIRDS, leading to a healthy, fulfilling life for us all! In the meantime, we’ll be biting our nails in anticipation for Austin’s brand new fitness clothing launch, right around the corner (middle of next month). Yea Baby (Austin Powers imitation)! Be there or be square!