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Deborah Smith Ford is a TV and film actress, celebrity lookalike, writer and author, who writes about entertainment and the entertainment industry.

Nora Ephron and husband Nicholas Pileggi

Filmmaker and Author Nora Ephron Dies

Author and filmmaker Nora Ephron, a resident of New York City, died on June 26, 2012. Ephron was known for many films. She succombed to pneumonia.
Lesley Staples

Film Actress Attends Florida Tea Party

Lesley Staples, a British actress in stage, film, voice and TV, resides in SW Florida. Staples attended a themed tea party, and she added to the party's festivities!
Gone with the Wind

Gone With The Wind’s Ann Rutherford Gone But Not Forgotten

Ann Rutherford was an actress in radio, TV and film. She was best known in the Hardy Boy's series and as Scarlett's sister, Carreen, in Gone with the Wind. Rutherford died of heart complications at 94.
Hollywood Sign

Sounds of Hollywood Presented Renditions of Oscar-Winning Songs

Hollywood's best music was presented in forms of song, dance, dialogue and piano pieces by Nabbie's Performing Arts Studio in Cape Coral, Florida. The cast consisted of a wide range of ages from five to senior, and the show was a success!
Maria Sharapova

Tennis Pro and Model Maria Sharapova Wins French Open

Tennis pro Maria Sharapova wins the 2012 French Open. Sharapova, too, endorses many products by modeling and acting in commercials. Congratulations Maria on all counts!

Actor and Game Show Host Richard Dawson Dies

Richard Dawson, known the best for his role in Hogan's Heroes and as game show host to Family Feud, died at 79 from complications of esophageal cancer.
Bee Gees

Remembering Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, is the third brother to pass away. Robin died at 62 of cancer. Robin's fraternal twin, Maurice and younger brother Andy are already deceased. This leaves the only surviving brother of the band, Barry Gibb.
Sharon Simmons

55-Year-Old Sharon Simmons Auditions for Cheerleading Spot with Dallas Cowboys

Sharon Simmons, 55, is a mother and grandmother who has wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for over three decades. She just auditioned to be one. Let's see what happens!
Danny Rawley

Danny Rawley Wraps On Film, Candy and Tea

Teen actor Danny Rawley wraps on yet another film, the short film, Candy and Tea. He shot in Sarasota, Florida. The film was produced by Righteous Entertainment, and its synopsis relates to bullying and how it affects lives.