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Dr. Yvonne Fournier has been a pharmacist, public health administrator, demographer and entrepreneur. She has followed her own roadmap in becoming arguably one of the most prolific of educators and child advocates in America today.

Help Child Decide on An Activity, Evaluate It, Take Responsibility

Many people -both children and adults-- make commitments based on the impression they had of what they were getting into without really knowing what it was going to be like.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Child May Need Nudge to Become Self-Reliant

Some parents believe their children shou1d be able to do everything on their own, while other parents believe their children need some parental guidance.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Notions of Literacy Must Reflect Cultural Shifts

As information trafficking evolves, so must the measure of literacy

It Takes Strength to Do The Duty of Setting Limits for...

Picture everyone's life as a box, with the boundaries representing the rules that make up the limits of our rights.

No Punishments; No Rewards!

How do you instill in a child the work ethic - the desire to perform a task or assignment to the best of his ability - even under what he views as adverse circumstances?
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Face Fears in Order to Beat Procrastination

All of us suffer from procrastination at one time or another - and the operative word here is 'suffer.'

Acceptable Home Behavior May Not Fit School Rules

School is a closed environment where teachers go to teach and students go to learn. This is a community unto itself - with both written and unwritten rules for acceptable behavior.

Examine Factors Before Turning to Pharmaceuticals to Solve Educational Problems

Hi my name is Angela, I am a 12th grade student. I am currently writing a research paper about ADHD and is Ritalin over prescribed.

What does it mean to be a Strategizer?

The Strategizer is a collection of instructions that work to help children of all ages to address all the intangibles that they are expected to apply daily at school.

Learning Each Day Eliminates Necessity to Cram for Exams

The major reason I say 'studying is not allowed,' because I choose to use the term 'learn' and not 'study.'

Thinking; Expression Enhanced By The Power of Words

Have you ever had a thought that you wanted to convey, and yet you felt paralyzed while searching for the perfect word?
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Time Management Must Be Learned

How many hours of family calmness, bonding and togetherness have instead turned into hours of family squabbles over schoolwork?

Explore Other Possibilities Before Accepting An ADD/ADHD Diagnosis

Many parents and doctors place great -almost sole- confidence on the label ADD/ADHD and on medication for Attention Deficit Disorder.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Don’t Judge New Toys in Yesterday’s Context

In today's world, leaping ahead is more important than waiting. Engineers rely on computer-aided design, doctors are ever more dependent on diagnostic technology, and educational institutions are becoming increasingly dependant on the Internet and

Emphasize Gains, Losses in Child’s Approach to Tasks

It is common for parents to use a system of punishments and rewards when they are dealing with their children.

Let Children Resolve Boredom Alone

Children are trained by school to have decisions about what to do next mapped out for them. The freedom to choose what to do is not a skill schools tend to include in their curriculums.

Home Alone During Summer Break: Trust Imperative for a Child to...

Parents today are being steadily pulled and pushed toward parenting with fear. Fear for our child's safety and wellbeing is a strong pull.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Hassle-Free Homework: Eighth-Grader Probably Already Labeled Troublemaker

As seen by the school system, this student is trouble, not doing homework, not completing school tasks, and being disobedient (talking) in school. Teachers and school officials have probably described this student as defiant.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Hassle-Free Homework: Work Faster, Do More Causes Kids to Not Learn...

Timing schoolwork has become so important to elementary school teachers, especially in first, second and third grades that learning has taken a back seat to how fast a child can do something.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Hassle-Free Homework: School Expectations Change In Seventh Grade

School expectations completely change in the seventh grade, from allowing students time to develop basic skills to assuming that those skills are already in place - and in use.