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Dr. Yvonne Fournier has been a pharmacist, public health administrator, demographer and entrepreneur. She has followed her own roadmap in becoming arguably one of the most prolific of educators and child advocates in America today.

Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Hassle-Free Homework: Son Won’t Do Homework But Wants To Be A...

Son will not do homework, has failing grades, had to go to summer school to keep up with his class and still thinks he can get into college and law school and become a judge.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

College Student’s Problem Not Lack of Concentration

For some reason, I can't seem to concentrate and I'm really stressed out about this. As a result, my grades are suffering and I'm frustrated. I'm also worried about upcoming final exams for this semester.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Hassle-Free Homework: Achievement Tests Contribute To America’s Decline

My husband and I lived in a city where the public school system was terrible so I have homeschooled my children since day one. But he was recently transferred with his job and now we live in another state.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Son’s Attitude Problems Caused By School

My 10-year-old son is in the fourth grade. He has an attitude problem and I can't seem to get through to him. The teacher gave him two pages of rules to follow and he isn't following them.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Hassle-Free Homework: Parents Mean Well But Often Do Harm

Parents trying to teach often leave children feeling alone, intimidated and humiliated.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Use Time Wisely

It's mid July and my daughter is enjoying an unstructured summer, oblivious of the clock. I am trying to condition her now for the start of school, which is actually in just three weeks.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Sarcasm and Ridicule Teach Students a Valuable Lesson in Life

Teachers are susceptible to stress and as such, often take it out on students in the classroom. Here is a simple method for helping your child cope.

Facebook Dangers: Parents Cannot Patrol The Social Networking World

Facebook poses some dangers for children whose parents are not diligently involved in teaching them properly.

The Solution For A Disorganized Child

Disorganized children have more trouble in school and at home because they keep waiting later and later to study. They become stressed and panicked over what they need to study for a test or the homework or project they must complete, all because th
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Princeton Review Guidelines for PSAT, SAT, ACT Over A Decade Old...

The Princeton Review Guidelines for when high school students should begin preparing to take the PSAT, SAT and ACT college admissions tests are more than a decade old and inadequate for today's junior high and high school students.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Children Don’t Develop At the Same Rate

Regardless of how bright a child is, there is something that neither parents nor teachers are able to control - natural development.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Should Children Have To Wear School Uniforms?

The 'Why' of school uniforms or a school dress code is more important than the clothes.

Bad Homework is a Symptom of a Bad School

Homework once was beneficial for children. Instead of being what it should be, it has become a joke in this country.

Home-schooled Child Has Problems at Private School

Home schooling can be a wonderful experience. However, many students face difficulties making the transition to a traditional school environment.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee Like Sisyphus Pushing Rock Uphill

Michelle Rhee's attempt to change the education system in America is a Sisyphean challenge.

New Education Secretary Should Change System; Dump No Child Left Behind

Oxford and Cambridge ask odd, unusual questions of prospective students yet U.S. education leaders hold on to the old paradigm.