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Dr. Yvonne Fournier has been a pharmacist, public health administrator, demographer and entrepreneur. She has followed her own roadmap in becoming arguably one of the most prolific of educators and child advocates in America today.

Basic Skills May Be Rusty After a Summer Off

Unless students have continued to keep their skills sharp throughout the summer, they may stumble out of the gate when they are confronted with the expectations of their new grade.

As Video Gaming Continues to Grow, The Rules Remain The Same

The question of where video games belong in the toy hierarchy is one I am asked every five years or so.

Open Sourcing Has Changed The Research Process, But Not The Goal

Teachers from elementary school all the way up to the collegiate level are still on the fence about the credibility of Wikipedia, and where to draw the line.

Handwriting Woes Can and Should Be Corrected

My daughter has an awful way of holding her pencil. Her writing is as difficult to read as it is for her to write. Homework assignments are agony.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Homeschoolers vs. Schoolhomers

Having met with many parents who have decided to home school their children, I see two distinct categories - homeschoolers and what I call 'schoolhomers.'

Long-Term Vision? Get Into Position!

The current industrial era model of education will only continue to become more and more out of date as culture continues to evolve, and as a result the number of students who say they are stuck in a system with no relevance will continue to grow.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Learning Strategies Should Be The Focus of Educators

It can be frustrating to watch our educational leaders continue to try and treat the symptoms instead of curing the disease that is the continued use of the Industrial Era model of education.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

As Communication Between Teachers & Parents Improves, Don’t Become ‘Big Brother’

The article you enclosed, Do schools share too much with parents? is a good example of how much has changed as Internet communication has improved and social networking sites have boomed in popularity.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

The Start of Summer Vacation is No Reason to Panic

As parents, we can help our children learn responsibility and decision-making by letting them create their own summer schedule, with our guidance.

Summer Reading Should Be Chock-Full of Quality

Reading is a mechanical skill, like riding a bike. You learn to maneuver the bike to get to a given destination. So if reading is the bike, what is the destination? It's called thinking!

Don’t Believe The Hype on School Vouchers

I have always been hesitant to endorse school vouchers as a viable solution for the educational difficulties in this country.

Being Schooled = Being Educated

Parents need to stop and assess whether the grades are the result of the child being schooled well or educated well. There is a big difference.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Prepare Your Child for The Rules of School

I will follow up for you with a starting point on how parents can lay a solid foundation for their children that will address some intangibles that, when missing, can weigh heavily on children's performance and/or conduct in the classroom.

You are The CEO Of Your Child’s Education

When it comes to parent/teacher conferences, many parents hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Parents: Write Your Own Script for ‘Active’ Parenting

The job of parenting is full of paradoxes: Joy and pain, fear and comfort, rewards and frustrations.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Tracking Grades Will Aid in Continuing Student’s Momentum

Every semester we start school and every semester our son promises that things will be different. He says he is really going to put forth the effort and make good grades. Unfortunately, year after year we believe him.

Tiger Mother, Hiroshima Mom Create Convenient Excuses for Their Own Needs

Dr Fournier looks to find the balance between extremes. Both the 'Tiger Mother' and the 'Hiroshima Mom' have created convenient excuses for themselves to inflate their own egotistical needs.

Resistance to Paradigm Shifts is Resistance to Change

What do you think about the increasing digitization of learning in the classrooms of today?

Misbehavior is Just a Symptom; Solution Requires Finding Cause

For parents, a school year can be fraught with work and tears, due to a mentality of desire in this country for bigger, better, sooner and more when it comes to education.
Dr. Yvonne Fournier

It’s Time to Prepare Children for a Changing Global Landscape

If your children are to become change agents in tomorrow's globalized world, then it would serve them well to pay attention to countries like China and languages like Mandarin today.