Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Jerome Drexler, inventor of the LaserCard optical memory card, worked at Bell Labs, was a research professor in physics at NJIT, and chief scientist of LaserCard Corp. Drexler is the author of four books on his discovery of the nature of dark matter, dark energy and "dark matter cosmology" of the universe.

13 Astronomical Observations to Solve British Professor’s Dark Matter Conundrum

British Professor Questions Validity of Cold Dark Matter Hypothesis, Drexler posits 13 astronomical observations which might improve the net significance of Big Bang cosmology theory.

Big Bang and Dark Matter Mysteries May Have Been Solved

New research hypothesis developed based on astronomically based 'cosmic constituents' of the Universe that may be created or influenced by or have a special relationship with possible dark matter candidates.

Big Bang Not Fiery Chaotic Explosion, Orderly High-Velocity Relativistic Protons

Big Bang Was Not a Fiery Chaotic Explosion, But an Orderly High-Velocity Dispersion of Relativistic Protons That Became Dark Matter, New Scientific Paper Posits

Big Bang Enigma May be Solved by Relativistic Dark Matter

The Big Bang may have satisfied the Second Law of Thermodynamics - Stephen Hawking's tutorial on disorder, entropy, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and the arrow of time elp this understanding.

So-Called Anomalies in NASA-Hubble 3D Dark Matter Map Explained

The recent 3D mapping of the dark matter of the universe is a major astronomical accomplishment of NASA and the Hubble telescope.