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Jerome Drexler, inventor of the LaserCard optical memory card, worked at Bell Labs, was a research professor in physics at NJIT, and chief scientist of LaserCard Corp. Drexler is the author of four books on his discovery of the nature of dark matter, dark energy and "dark matter cosmology" of the universe.

Drexler’s Relativistic-Proton Dark Matter: Roles of Harvard, U of Chicago

Yet WIMPs have not been confirmed either by astronomical observations or laws of physics after 24 years of world-wide dark matter research.

UC Santa Cruz’s Cold Dark Matter WIMPs Punched by University of...

Recently, the University of Chicago's Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, published a scientific paper online entitled, 'Reopening The Window On Charged Dark Matter.'

PAMELA Satellite Detects Relativistic-Proton Dark Matter Stragglers

In the 14th century, an English logician, William of Ockham, devised the principle now called Occam's or Ockham's razor logic.

Bell Labs-Trained Silicon Valley Scientist Precisely Identifies Dark Matter

The titles of his five publications give further insight into dark matter's many relationships and the breadth of Drexler's discoveries in dark matter-based cosmology.

New Dark Matter Book, ‘Discovering Postmodern Cosmology,’ Solves Mysteries

The 594-page, April 2008, hardcover book, 'Cosmology,' was written as a graduate textbook for mainstream cosmology and as a reference book.

Nobel Prizes for Dark Matter, Big Bang, Inflation, UHECR, Accelerating Universe

Cosmic Enigmas are plausibly solved/explained in the new book, 'Discovering Postmodern Cosmology'.

NASA To Probe Dark Matter Web for UV, Drexler: UV =...

inventor-scientist Jerome Drexler predicts that dark matter is a source of synchrotron radiation.

27 Highest Energy Cosmic Rays, Fired From Nearby Galaxy, Strike Earth

The deflection-from-orbit theory of UHECR emission, posited by Drexler above and in Chapter 47 of his May 2006 book, can be applied to the Auger collaboration discovery.

Nobel Laureate Queries Point To Postmodern Dark Matter Theory, Big Bang

'How inflation happened a split second after the Big Bang.' 'Identify the exact sources of these cosmic rays and how they accelerate particles.'

4Year-Old Postmodern Cosmology Challenges 20-Year Mainstream Cosmology

Postmodern cosmology is celebrating its fourth anniversary with the publishing of its Big Bang cosmology theory in a book entitled 'How Dark Matter Created Dark Energy and the Sun'.