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Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.

Federalism=Feudalism: The Worst Agenda of Nepal

Who lives if the country's identity dies and who dies if the country's identity lives? So, our realistic issue is to assure their equal and active participation in every sector of nation building.

Are Nepal and India Suffering From Treacherous Activities of Maoists?

Why are the foreigners backing the Maoists to end Nepal's dignity? The question is easy. The Maoist party contains a faction of Christians and by instilling fear of the Maoist army they want to turn Nepal into a Christian state. They want to destro

Is India Scheming to Turn Nepal Into a Failed State?

To desintrigate Nepal, Nepal has been turning into a battleground of theft, inflation, kidnapping, insecurity and black marketing. They are determined to plunge this nation into chaos.
opinions of workers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Four Immortal Martyrs & King Tribhuvan’s Democratic Movement Contribution

The glory of Nepal's natural and cultural diversity resounds around the world. Different castes and creeds that exist within the territories of Nepal have jointly preserved the democratic value and tradition.

Is Nepal Riddled With The Settlement of Impotent Sinners?

In Soviet Russia, the Communist regime murdered millions of people. Similarly during the spread of communism in China, millions of Chinese were murdered. In Cambodia, millions were made into one corpse.
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Nepal Offended By Conspiracies Policy of America

The United States has long been a strong supporter of refugee rights, and we will continue to work to ensure the fair and humane treatment of refugees population around the world' - (The Kathmandu Post) But the intention of Americans is to break Ch

Do Hindus Harbor Prejudice Against Muslims in Nepal?

After unification, Nepal feared attack from the British forces. And Muslim Emperor Nawab Bajir of Lucknow pledged support to Nepal in case a war broke out between Nepal and the East India Company.
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‘Sovereign- Nepal’ is Lost and Disvalued

The fifth general convention and election-2011 of Non-Resident Nepalese association (NRNA) has ended. Now, Giba Lamechhane is elected the president of NRN.
opinions of workers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Nepal Celebrates Famous Hindus’ Festival Dipawali-Tihar

Exactly, Nepal Sambat and Mahapuja (body worshiping) have been celebrating in the time of Dipawali-'Tihar' in Nepal. In this festival, we worship Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth.

Nepal is Turning into a Battleground of Foreigners

Nepal has never before fallen into such a crisis. Since 2006, wolves and foxes have attacked Nepal. India, America and the European nations have used naive politicians, and turned them into brokers.

All People of Nepal Must Unite and Oust Traitors in The...

An aware citizen and a patriotic person are obviously concerned about nation's achievements, defects, sincerity, corruption, and the deteriorating situation of the nation. From 1995 to 2005 Baburam Bhattarai rebelled against the misrule of UML and

Maoist Party Fails to Preserve Nepal’s Values, Norms and Identity

The goal of any political party is to uplift the living standard of the people by preserving the nation's values, norms, and its identity. The Maoist party has time and again failed to heed towards that direction. In Nepal the issues of caste, lang

National Dress of Nepal and Its Originality

Nepal is blessed with one of the richest cultures in the world. Culture has been called 'the way of life for an entire society'.

Baburam Bhattarai The Most Controversial PM of Nepal

Remember the quotation. 'A leader who doesn't hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be leader.'
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Anna Hazare Emulates ‘Gandhi’ of India

The man is the king of nature. After 65 years, India got a second Gandhi - Anna Hazare. The honest man of the nation is the alternative source. Everywhere the honest nationalist may be moneyless but he can fight against the powerful corrupted regime
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Cow’s Meat Detrimental to Health

It is a belief that people who look upon the cow with devotion and worship attain blessings and enlightenment. Such conclusions were given precedence in Shrimadbhagawat Mahapurnana (Hindu's greatest religious book) and Gopalas started worshipping t

12-Points Agreement- 2005 & UNMIN Entry-Main Cause of Nepalese Crisis

Indian intelligence wing 'RAW' has played an active role in the uprising, providing the economic and other material support. In accordance to the 12-point understanding UNMIN was invited in Nepal.

Maoist Party Could Not Do Anything To Save Nepal

What the Maoist party wants is not clear, whether it is in the government or not? Congress and UML are such parties that have completely failed in the national politics. They don't have an ideology. Let alone Congress and UML but the Maoist party h

Healthy Lifestyle Key To Good Health

During morning walks, it is better to take a deep breathe and exhale three times by standing under the tree of Pippal, camphor trees. The Pippal, Oscimum bear sacred importance in Hindu and Buddhist religion.
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Bikram Sambat is a Glorious Asset of Nepal

The continual practice of Bikram Sambat in Nepal is powerful proof against imperialists' attempt to hold Nepal.