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Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.

Indian Nefarious Design in Nepal

In the name of democracy the leaders such as Girija Prasad became engrossed in power politics and used their position to drain state treasury. They deceived democracy and themselves.

Indian Conspiracies: The Main Reason for Nepal’s Retrogression

Since 1950, Indian leadership started the conspiracy to bring Nepal under its umbrella. The 1950 Nepal India treaty and 1950's Delhi agreement were the beginning of Indian retrogression.
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Can Nepal Army Save The Country’s Sovereignty?

Nepal Army (NA) is the most responsible organization on Nepalese sovereignty. From the beginning of the history, NA has done a lot of glorious work for the country. Now Nepal is in dangerous position.
King Gyanendra

Rambaran Yadav Visits India as Joker President of Nepal

Nepal's patriotic forces - people, party nationalists, the court, security sources, national army, employees, laborers, farmers and the King - must save the nation.

Nepalese Higher Leaders Demoralized From Threats

In carrying out good works the general public receives commendation from the society and punishment from the police administration if they commit wrong acts. It is not unusual.

Nepal Relation With China is Cordial: Why Tension With India?

Nepal has faced a communist regime while on the other a republic system. Nepal had to preserve its dignity and move ahead between such two nations.
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‘Tit for Tat’ -Nepalese Maoist Worker Attacked their Leaders

'Tit for Tat' - when the leaders deceive their workers, it is possible to attack by the workers. So, Nepalese Maoist Worker Attacked their Leaders-Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai. It is not good to attack own leaders.

Veracity of Colored Faces of Traitors in Nepal

To accomplish their objective they staged a drama of agitation in the name of Constituent Assembly (CA) to establish secularism, republicanism and federalism, which has strangulated Nepal.
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Himwatkhanda-Nepal and Kailash Mansovar the Original Land of Civilization

To rid the nation of corruption and traitors, we Nepalese must once again remember the greatness, civilization and rise of Himwatkhanda-Nepal
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Nepal Wants Monarch’s Guardianship

Nepal has been standing on the verge of dismemberment over the past six years. The relationship between the king and the people has been detached
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Pro-Indian Govt. Offered State Honors to The Great Traitor, Late Ram...

After Ram Raja Prasad Singh's death, the pro-Indian government has decided to praise the traitor and give him a state honor as he fathered Republicanism in Nepal.
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Maoist Nepalese PM Bhattarai Degrades Nepal’s Nationality

All Nepalese know- without any foreign support Prithvinarayan Shah had fought against the British Empire that had already established its cult in Asia. It is a fact that he created this nation alone; and to disregard this historic fact is a heinous
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Is India Striving to Destabilize Nepal?

The clear example is Baburam Bhattarai. Shakun Sherchand writes ' The Doctor Who Threw the Baby with the Bath Water' 'Baburam Bhatarai will be remembered the episode as the Dr. who threw the baby with the bath water on the midnight of May 27th 20

Christians Destroy Hindu Dignity in Nepal

Controversial, but as a nationalist Hindu Nepali analyst, I publish this article for discussion and to realize respect for other religious identities.
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Without Anti-Nation Accusation, Nepalese PM Dr. Bhattarai Can’t Quit

To analyze the reality, there is no basis to displace PM Baburam Bhattarai, who has lost the honor of the post after the dissolution of constituent assembly.
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Nepal’s Constituent Assembly Fails to Promulgate The Constitution

Because the Supreme Court granted the consent as an alternative, the parliamentary election would have had legal footing, only if two-third majority of CA would have agreed to do so before the expiry of its term.

Are Maoists Becoming Destructive Anti Nationalist Force in Nepal?

The Ekata Kendra party was transformed to Maoist party in accordance to interest of India. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is the supporter of the Catholic- Christian as Indian Congress (I) leader, Sonia Gandhi.
King Gyanendra

King Gyanendra Worrying to Protect ‘Sovereign-Nepal’

What can be a bigger crime for politicians than to put all the blame on the king to hide their crimes?
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Are Politicians in Nepal Deceiving Democracy and Draining State Treasury?

None of the Nepali Congress (NC) leaders or democratic activists can forget that he had breached the agreement and institutionalized anarchy.

Monstrous Maoist Leader Pushes Nepal into Darkness

There are 30-40 traitors like Baburam Bhattarai's caliber in Nepal-all most are Bahuns. Foreigners have made them their supporters and bred them to actuate Nepal's retrogression process.