Nepal Party Leaders – Agents of India, Involving to Break Nepal

Nepal is now in a critical position. After the Constituent Assembly (CA) experiment, and having a President, the Interim constitution is not in existence. The president was elected after the CA had already expired. The irresponsible nonsense leaders of the Maoists, Congress, UML and Madhesi – the gang of traitors, exercised to amend the dead interim constitution as they think convenient for their purpose. The traitors are only harping on their own flaws.

The dead interim constitution has no provision in regards to a re-election of the CA or any other election. How can an election be declared on the basis of consensus when there isn’t any right guaranteed in this regard? If there is to be an election on the basis of four parties’ agreement and the CJ’s Govt. without a valid constitution, then, they why do we need a constitution?

Actually, the 2nd CA election appears to be the conspirator design of India, using the brokers of Tarai-so-called Madhesi to break Nepal.

The four party leaders appointed the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Khilraj Regmi as a puppet PM by the hint of Indian nefarious design. That is why, the traitorous Maoists Prachanda, Baburam Bhattarai, UML-Jhalanath Khnal, Madhab Nepal, Congress-Susil Koirala, Sher Bahadur Deuwa, Krishna Sitoula, Madhrsi- Bijaya Gachhadar, Rajendra Mahato and the puppet Khilraj Regmi are trying to ruin the basic democratic concept of check and balance – major state organs -‘Judiciary, Executive and Legislature.

The CJ Khilraj Regmi also accepted the head of Govt. by the hints of Indian Ambassador-Jayanta Prasad imposing without constitution. That was the great blunder of the CJ Khilraj Regmi to deceive the norms of judiciary.

Just as in the old saying, “wolves may lose their teeth but not change their nature and habit,” similarly, the party leaders did not realize their blunders. The leaders who have been guided by the RAW and EU and CIA have not felt their past mistakes because intentionally they are working to destroy this country. Since the dissolution of the CA, they are playing the dubious dramatic role in the name of consensus. So, it is necessary to trial these traitors at least 20 to 25, keeping them in Jail for the stability and unity of the country.

It is the international norm and example to punish those who are confusing the Nepalese people without a constitution. The state must capture and punish these party leaders. The state in a legitimate sense is its organs – the court, Nepal Army, the permanent organs of the nation. When the nation is in crisis or a constitutional crisis and when there is no parliament or any system, then such organs are naturally activated to save the nation and operate it on a legal basis. They save the nation from drowning. There is no other alternative than for Nepal Army and other organs to take an active role.

NC, UML and the Maoists that came to the political front after 2006 do not want to take responsibility for the danger faced by the nation. If the republic setup continues to persist in the days ahead during the Presidential election, China, India, America and the European nations will try to exercise their power and influence. At the same time, the ethnic groups and communities of the nation will clash over the issue of who should become the President. This will invite ethnic and regional conflict in the nation.

The President may be obliged to accept the terms set by whichever nation – India, China, and America, European nations or the Christian missions – that invests the most. In such a situation, the increasing foreign activity will destroy the existence of Nepal. When the King reinstated the dissolved parliament they misused it to fall into a foreign conspiracy. Since then Nepal has become hostage to traitors. We said then that these leaders will not draft a constitution. Today they are again lying to the people and betraying the people and the nation.

The great traitor – Baburam Bhattarai is the mastermind behind the Constituent Assembly by the hints of RAW. Bhattarai and Prachanda have conspired to create a confusion of constitutional debate. They dissolved the CA on 27 May, 2012 with an intention to capture power. The sad part is that India has taken a stance to make Baburam Bhattarai the PM in any way. Baburam became PM on the basis of a four-point agreement reached one night with RAW. This was agreed upon after a thorough selection of separate Madhesi leaders who are backed by the Indian intelligence agency. After becoming the PM, Bhattarai took to twist and destroy the nation’s identity, values and beliefs. He included murderers, kidnappers and corrupt leaders in his cabinet. Against the convention he was active in declaring Sunday a holiday so that it would facilitate the Christians to attend their religious rituals at the Church.

It is to be noted the conspiracies of Christian Mission that the furnishing in the Supreme Court and other courts in Nepal, the computer technologies are all managed under the support of the Christians. What will happen to the nation, if in the days ahead, Nepal’s courts take the sides of the Christians? The Chief Justice and all other justices must find out and take action against the management in this regard. The irresponsible treacherous government has been pardoning many criminals and releasing them from jail. The Supreme Court, in the absence of the CJ Khilraj Regmi must take action to restrict the government acts in this regard. Such traitors have no scruples or morality.

The interim constitution of 2006 has automatically become obsolete in the case of failure of the CA to formulate a new constitution. As its legitimacy has been lost, the President, the CJ Govt. and the four parties syndicate who are former in real sense, are only trying to hurt the nation with systematic disintegration. To give the nation a solution we must honor the unchangeable provisions of the 1990 constitution, and then, all the patriotic forces of the nation – Nepalese people, all nationalists within political parties, the court, security source, and national army, the permanent organs of state and Nepalese people and the King must actively participate in saving the nation.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.