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1 .Mandatory Military Service Works in Israel - 4
2 .Assad - ISIS Collusion: The Human Monster and His Satanic Band - 4
3 .Karbi Thai (Arrow) Short Film Goes International - 8
4 .How To Be DVD Review: Robert Pattinson Bitten By Love - 3
5 .India-Bangladesh International Border Disputes - Muhuri River - 3
6 .Kristen Luman Of Syfy's Ghost Mine Talks About Her Experiences On the Show - 3
7 .Philip Kapneck Gives 40 Years of Service as Maryland Trade Ambassador - 20
8 .Serbia Aggressor Has No Right to Weep for the Victims of Its Genocide - 5
9 .Religion of Peace Demonstration Hoax Photos - 3
10.The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo Film Review - 2
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John Kays

John Kays identifies timeless remnants from our past that will endure, or be admired by future generations.

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Austin Martin Launches a New Line of High-End Fashion Fitness Apparel!
Can you be fashionable when making a beeline to the gymnasium to get your daily dose of fitness? Apparently so, according to a rising star in the growing sector of fitness fashion design, Austin Martin (located in Houston, Texas)...
13:06 Oct 30, 2014 PST
Sleeper Agent's 'About Last Night' Sounds Like British New Wave Pop!
This is my first encounter with Sleeper Agent and I like what I'm hearing so far (and what I'm seeing as well). Sleeper Agent recalls that whole New Wave British Pop Band surge for me, more so than Grunge ala Nirvana.
19:49 Apr 1, 2014 PST
In 'Dallas 1963', We Go Back In Time To Get A Vivid Blow By Blow Picture
Dallas 1963, by Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis (12 Twelve), is written as if it's happening right now; how could the authors present the story of Dallas (1960-1963) in just this fashion?
16:29 Nov 24, 2013 PST
Beach Boys 'Good Vibrations Tour' DVD Demonstrates the Surf Band's Timelessness
Brian and his brothers, Carl and Dennis Wilson, who are no longer with us, along with cousin Mike Love and a childhood friend of Brian's, Al Jardine, have some carefully guarded secrets in their musical treasure-trove.
14:03 Aug 28, 2013 PST
Documentary 'Inside Waco' Reminds Me 'Apocalypse Ranch' Strangest Story Ever!
The strangest news event ever encountered during my days on earth would have to be the tragic stand-off between the Branch Davidian cult with the government in Waco, Texas (February 28-April 19th, 1993).
10:07 Jul 8, 2013 PST
Deep Purple's 'Now What?!' Is a History That Is Both Contemporary and Nostalgic!
Deep Purple's just released their 19th studio album, 'Now What?!,' produced by Bob Ezrin in Nashville, which proves this '70s progressive rock band are not HASBEENs!
08:33 May 7, 2013 PST
Connect the Dots: Ruby Ridge To Mount Carmel To OK City To Boston To West?
Our minds work in funny ways sometimes, especially when the events are traumatizing and violent, such as these three (unrelated) incidents are.
16:42 Apr 18, 2013 PST
A Must See Exhibit at the Met, 'Photography and the American Civil War!'
An exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Photography and the Civil War (1861-1865), is one I'd love to see, but probably won't, since I live in Austin and can't make it to New York by September 2nd
18:42 Apr 11, 2013 PST
Does the Key to Mike McLelland and Mark Hasse's Deaths Lie in Their Old Case
With US Attorney Jay Hileman quitting his role of prosecuting the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, might we say the killers of Mike McLelland and Mark Hasse are winning out?
13:52 Apr 4, 2013 PST
'Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum' Opens at British Museum!
I just heard about the new exhibit at the British Museum in London, Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum, and it looks fascinating (it runs from 3/28-9/29)! Unfortunately, I live in Austin, Texas, so I won't get a chance to see it.
23:21 Mar 28, 2013 PST
David Mamet's HBO Film 'Phil Spector' Argues Persuasively for His Innocence!
David Mamet's Phil Spector, which just premiered on HBO Sunday evening, is not a documentary of the iconic pop producer's life, nor is it a docudrama, but rather it's a creative, interpretive simulation of Phil's mindset, associated with pre-tri
09:05 Mar 26, 2013 PST
White Supremacist Evan Ebel Shot Dead! Playback His Trail of Destruction.
The Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections Tom Clements, 58, is shot dead, answering the doorbell at his secluded home (in Monument, Colorado) at 8:30 PM Tuesday.
19:25 Mar 22, 2013 PST
Is Natasha Jugo's Odd Disappearance Connected to Gilgo Beach Murders?
Natasha Jugo's 2009 blue Toyota Prius is found abandoned Sunday on the south side of Ocean Parkway (which is in Nassau County, New York). At 11:20 AM on Sunday 911 received a call, a resident of Gilgo Beach reported finding a driver's license
20:01 Mar 21, 2013 PST
Are We Close To Closure in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Heist of 1990?
The 'mostly unsolved' Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum art heist, dating from March 18, 1990 ( the day after St. Patrick's Day, in Boston no less), is the grandest art heist ever in the United States!
19:59 Mar 20, 2013 PST
In Amy J. Berg's Documentary 'West of Memphis' We Learn Much About Terry Hobbs!
Isn't it odd that what really happened in West Memphis, Arkansas on May 5, 1993 is just now coming to light? When I saw that West of Memphis (directed by Amy J. Berg) was showing at the Arbor in North Austin,
15:30 Mar 19, 2013 PST
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' 'Push The Sky Away' Reminds Me of 'Mystic River!'
I hear Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds gave a killer performance that night at Stubbs BBQ. Well, I missed that too, but did have enough sense to pick up Push The Sky Away last Saturday, ironically, at the aforementioned Waterloo.
06:05 Mar 16, 2013 PST
Jacco Gardner's 'Cabinet of Curiosities' Mines '60s Psychedelica Uniquely!
You could almost reduce it down to Strawberry Alarm Clock, just to be safe, with Lewis Carroll looking on for ambience, texture, and anti-substance.
18:11 Mar 14, 2013 PST
Chris Stamey Discovers a New Dimension on 'Lovesick Blues,' the Subconscious!
The transcendent moment (for me) of Chris Stamey's new reflective solo project, Lovesick Blues, is the B section of the title tune (Lovesick Blues, the orchestral version), which vaguely resembles (or has the feel) of Strawberry Fields.
15:00 Mar 13, 2013 PST
My Darling Clementine Marvelously Revives the Classic Country & Western Duet!
My Darling Clementine's How Do You Plead? is able to capture the old-timey past glories of classic Country and Western balladry in a new skin, a British skin. From song to song, the reference gallery of C & W All-Stars cascade
14:56 Mar 12, 2013 PST
Sixto Rodriguez an Over-Night Sensation! 'Cold Fact' Simple, Timeless Pop Art!
Simple Art is the Best Art. Sixto Rodriguez's Cold Fact, released in March of 1970 on Sussex, is a nice fit with this maxim. 43 years have passed by, but Cold Fact is still a new release. Why or how?
19:10 Mar 8, 2013 PST
Why Did African Lion Cous Cous Attack and Kill Intern Dianna Hanson?
A 24 year old intern Dianna Hanson has been mauled and killed by an African Lion at Cat Haven, a wildlife center near Fresno, California. Dianna came from Seattle and started a six-month internship at Cat Haven in early January.
19:54 Mar 7, 2013 PST
On Jimi Hendrix's 'People, Hell and Angels' Shows A New Direction in Blues/Rock!
If these are demo tracks (Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell and Angels), let me have more of where that's coming from! 12 new sides from Stone-Free Myth-of-A-Rock God; made my day!
10:45 Mar 6, 2013 PST
Contours of the Florida Sinkhole Saga Still Echoing on Social Media!
From a distance, the full dimensions of the Florida sinkhole story, and a man who lost his life (Jeff Bush, 37) in a highly unusual manner, are still reverberating!
19:00 Mar 5, 2013 PST
Armed and Dangerous Desperado Ammar Harris Captured in Los Angeles!
Ammar Harris, 26, captured in LA yesterday. Hurrah! How did LA cops and the FBI know he was at this apartment complex (a Studio City apt. complex, 4100 block of Arch Drive)?
14:08 Mar 1, 2013 PST
Is Artist Raul Sanchez Araque Using Aerosol Cans to Simulate 12th Century Style?
Father Borr insisted they study Romanesque Art before undertaking their ambitious endeavor of a ceiling mural (a graffiti artist's equivalent of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel).
14:44 Feb 28, 2013 PST
Question lingers; What's the Real Reasons for Pope Benedict XVI's Abdication?
Pope Benedict XVI just finished giving his farewell speech in St. Peters Square in the Vatican. He asked the faithful to pray for him and for his successor.
18:12 Feb 27, 2013 PST
Was Elisa Lam Another Homicide Victim at LA's Creepy, Haunted Cecil Hotel?
Cecil Hotel has a rich, haunted past; it won't leave! Elisa Lam's performance in a spooky elevator surveillance tape reanimates musty memories, undisturbed, but not entirely put to rest.
20:29 Feb 26, 2013 PST
Las Vegas Mesmerized By Public Display of Violence and Fiery Mayhem!
Helicopter cam shots on the Las Vegas Strip show vehicle wreckage strewn about, resembling a war-zone bombing in Iraq (2005). The driver of a (silver) Maserati, Kenneth Cherry or Kenneth Clutch was shot to death while driving down the strip, by assa
12:29 Feb 22, 2013 PST
National Center for Health Statistics Report: Prescription Drugs Majority of ODs
A letter published in JAMA, outlining a shocking report generated by the National Center for Health Statistics tells us drug overdose deaths are up 11 years in a row. The particular statistic cited is 38, 329 drug ODs culled from 2010 raw stats.
17:37 Feb 21, 2013 PST
Oscar Pistorius Tells A Whopper of a Tale! Shoots a Burglar Using Bathroom?
Blade Runner's affidavit full of bullet holes. One hour of non-stop shouting, a neighbor hears (between 2-3 AM, 2/14). Police find .38 caliber ammunition for an unregistered handgun at Pistorius' Silver Lakes Golf Estate.
11:54 Feb 20, 2013 PST
Bush Administration Lies Exposed in MSNBC's 'Hubris: Selling the Iraq War!'
In her introduction to Hubris: Selling the Iraq War, Rachel Maddow holds a facsimile of the Tonkin Resolution, which gave LBJ the authority to initiate the Vietnam War.
14:45 Feb 19, 2013 PST
'Christopher Dorner Affair' Leaves a Bad After-Taste in Our Collective Mouths!
I believe, part of what's behind Saturday's modest protest, is the entire history of the LAPD, which would need to include the still controversial Rodney King imbroglio.
20:21 Feb 18, 2013 PST
Oscar Pistorius Shoots Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp Four Times! Home Invasion?
What's this recent violent Nike ad about, that was naturally pulled from the airwaves? 'I am the bullet in the chamber!' Really? This is crazy! Indeed, Pistorius is such a bullet, and now he's charged with murder in Pretoria, South Africa.
14:05 Feb 15, 2013 PST
For Saint Valentine's Day, I Give You History's Five Most Enduring Couples!
John Kays' shares history's five most enduring couples as well as what these famous or better infamous LOVERS did, within the context of their place and times.
16:33 Feb 14, 2013 PST
President Obama Gets Specific on Manufacturing Jobs and Clean Energy
We have to bring manufacturing back, if we sincerely hope to get the economy firing on all eight cylinders again. Specifically, Obama mentioned Caterpillar, Ford, Intel, and Apple will all open up plants in our country! Good start!
16:34 Feb 13, 2013 PST
Jack White Clearly Uses the Dreaded F Word on the 2013 Grammy Awards!
As far as whether he and Ruby used the F word or not (which I don't care about, other than it can give the moment Kingsmen's Louie Louie staying power), I studied the clip on a Daily News piece, and determined for myself they're clearly using the
11:38 Feb 12, 2013 PST
Why Did Cop Killer Christopher Dorner Go Completely Berserk?
The real concern on the part of the LAPD, is that at one time, they were the ones who trained Christopher Dorner, who served as a police officer in 2007 and 2008.
18:29 Feb 8, 2013 PST
Kepari Leniata Burned Alive on Charges of Sorcery in Papua New Guinea
Kepari Leniata was accused of sorcery by the relatives of a six-year-old boy, who recently died in a hospital under unclear circumstances (or the cause of the boy's death has not yet been reported).
16:03 Feb 7, 2013 PST
Jodi Arias Constructs a Fragile Sandcastle of ABUSIVENESS on Witness Stand!
Jodi Arias coached to the T makes all her stories seem real to her, in a make-believe world of fantasy.
15:38 Feb 6, 2013 PST
Were Iraqi War Hero Chris Kyle's Methods for Treating PTSD Flawed?
Kyle supposedly believed discharging firearms was cathartic for war veterans who have seen a lot of action, and may be reliving these vexing war traumas in their minds, many times over.
17:19 Feb 5, 2013 PST
Who Was Behind Kaufman Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse's Execution?
Who were the two masked gunmen dressed in black (one possibly wearing a tactical vest) who executed Kaufman County assistant district attorney Mark Hasse in the courthouse parking lot (around 9 AM 1/31/2013)?
18:25 Feb 1, 2013 PST
Jodi Arias Defense Witness, Lisa Diadoni Portrays Travis Alexander As a Cheater!
Yesterday's quintessential witness was a former girlfriend of Travis Alexander, a blonde Lisa Andrews Diadoni, who was only 18 years old when she first met and dated the charming and persuasive Alexander (Travis was a gifted motivational speaker) b
16:00 Jan 31, 2013 PST
JonBenet Ramsey's Grand Jury Findings Revealed!
Amazing that the local newspaper has unveiled the grand jury rulings from 1999 in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation!
20:46 Jan 30, 2013 PST
The McStay Mystery Only Deepens on the Third Anniversary of Their Disappearance!
I got involved in the story about a week after they disappeared, when my editor, Judyth Piazza, sent me a link in the news as a good lead to cover.
17:13 Jan 29, 2013 PST
Did Melissa Ketunuti's Killer, Drug-Addicted Jason Smith Commit Prior Crimes?
One of the primary means detectives employed to nab Jason Smith, is through photo-imaging technology. As such, or the way I understand it, they matched video images of the suspect with the driver's license data base, which must be enormous.
14:28 Jan 25, 2013 PST
Is Urooj Khan's Harrowing Story of Fortune Morphing into a Disaster Movie?
A Chicago Sun Times article (dating from yesterday) on the latest revelations in the sudden, bizarre death of lucky lottery winner, Urooj Khan, looks more like a movie script for an Oscar winning film,
16:20 Jan 24, 2013 PST
Why Was Melissa Ketunuti Murdered in Philadelphia's Swank Rittenhouse Square?
Why did this aberrant behavior surface on a sacred day for our nation? Was the killer known to Melissa, or was he a stranger? Where did Melissa go Monday morning? What businesses did she visit? Her dog walker found her at around 12:30 PM.
14:59 Jan 23, 2013 PST
Does Janice Joplin Still Reign Supreme As Psychedelic Blues Queen?
I got around to noticing it was Janis' 70th birthday, last Saturday, January 19th, so I decided to examine her life and music as critically as I could, suspecting some of the excessive worship could use a bit more temperance.
20:30 Jan 21, 2013 PST
Piratical Escapades of Blackbeard Always Tops the News!
Blackbeard is the most famous pirate ever to roam the shores of America! Why waste an evening and a morning deciphering the rusty chronicles of the dastardly pirate once again? Isn't there any more important news to cover?
18:27 Jan 18, 2013 PST
Russian Mafia Godfather Grandpa Khasan Fatally Shot in Moscow From Sniper Fire!
Who's behind the assassination of Russia's biggest mafia boss, Aslan Usoyan, otherwise known as Grandpa Khasan? With Usoyan's death comes a great amount of fear over turf wars.
16:30 Jan 17, 2013 PST
Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon Is the Past, Present, and Future!
The clocks are striking, cash registers are ringing. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon Is the Past, Present, and Future! I want to be a part of that; maybe I wasn't wasting my time so badly after all, that drifty, dreamy summer of 1973.
12:12 Jan 16, 2013 PST
His Wall of Sound - Why Is Phil Spector the Greatest Pop Record Producer Ever?
Phil Spector is the greatest pop record producer of all time. A thorough pruning of all the myth and hogwash surrounding the bumpy career and life of Phil Spector will be required before you can hope to understand why his records are so perfect, rea
14:35 Jan 15, 2013 PST
Wes Naman Resurrects Pop Art with Humorous or Scary Scotch Tape Portraits!
Now everyone on the planet earth knows who Wes Naman is, since he took a proactive approach and ran with a slaphappy Pipedream.
20:39 Jan 14, 2013 PST
Why Did Jodi Arias Begin Her Murderous Spree in Travis' Shower, Then End There?
Yea, it's morbid and horrifying to simulate the proceedings and logical sequence of the crime, but you have to, if you want to be a babe out of woods, knowing a bit about forensics and a homicide investigation. It looks a trifle easier on TV.
10:47 Jan 11, 2013 PST
Jodi Arias Murder Trial: A Bloody Carpet, Police Audio Tape, and a Distant Lover
What's new in the Jodi Arias murder trial (in Maricopa County Superior Court)? Without just parroting the same old spiel of blood-spattered sinks and blonde-haired beauty queen turning into a monster female stalker, I thought I'd mention just a fe
15:59 Jan 10, 2013 PST
Aphrodite Jones True Crime on ID Recalls Chilling Femme Fatale Nanette Johnson!
Nanette Johnson, Bill McLaughlin, and Eric Naposki are very familiar to me; I've researched and written on this case before.
12:44 Jan 9, 2013 PST
Urooj Khan Undone By a Accursed Million Dollar Scratch Card!
In Urooj Khan's moment of jubilation, which resembles a twisted sugar high we've all experienced ourselves before, Urooj gives Ashur a hundred dollar bill as a token of his appreciation.
16:36 Jan 8, 2013 PST
Had Jodi Arias Planned to Murder Travis Alexander Well Before June 4, 2008?
The reason I'm bringing this up, without being the latest incarnation of Levi Strauss or Marshall McLuhan, is that most of us are carrying a great deal of prejudicial baggage, that prevents us from observing the trial impartially.
16:09 Jan 4, 2013 PST
As Jodi Arias' Murder Trial Begins, Defense Portrays Travis Alexander As Abusive
As you know, the Jodi Arias murder trial began yesterday in Phoenix, Az., and is expected to continue through April. So much has changed in 4 1/2 years, but we'll have to look only at the way it was then, if that is even possible.
13:22 Jan 3, 2013 PST
Louis XVI's DNA Matched With DNA of French King Henri IV!
The verification of Henri IV's skull started with an observed physical connection, using portraits of the important monarch, which included a scar from an early assassination attempt, as well as a known pierced ear.
15:51 Jan 2, 2013 PST
The Ten Best Movies for 2012
Much of this is about the disease of Alcoholism; this is what I was thinking anyway when leaving the theater. Indubitably, Philip Seymour Hoffman is the greatest living American actor still working.
14:20 Dec 30, 2012 PST
Why Did a Deranged Hispanic Woman Push a Man To His Death at a Queens' Subway?
Did an Hispanic woman know her victim, who she pushed to his death onto a subway track in Queens? Why'd she do it? Is she suffering with mental health issues?
11:44 Dec 28, 2012 PST
Why Wouldn't Harlem Harold Lewis Stop for Bellaire Officer Jimmie Norman?
The Chronicle mentions it was a 'routine traffic stop;' but what type of violation was it? The police usually try to give citizens the benefit of the doubt on Christmas Eve, but this case appears to be about something else.
07:25 Dec 27, 2012 PST
Did William Spengler Jr Make a Connection With The Sandy Hook Mass Murder?
Part of his motivation, seems to be the October 7th death of his mother, Arline Spengler, resulting in a squabble with his sister, Cheryl Spengler, over property rights of the family home.
17:12 Dec 26, 2012 PST
'Love Letters Straight From Your Heart' The Twenty Best Records For 2012!
Fingers a bleeding. Editing skills out the window. Poetry and melody informs my arthritic digits. Am I living in the 20s, the 30s, the 60s, or am I here now? Neil lives that way too. Great tunes never leave us.
20:05 Dec 24, 2012 PST
What's Behind TIME's Choice of Barack Obama as Their Person of the Year?
An obvious plus for the President, is he surrounds himself with some really talented people, in a category of what I'll call 'Modern Politics Ala High-Technology.'
20:31 Dec 20, 2012 PST
JFK:To the Brink, Oliver Stone Sheds New Light on Cuban Missile Crisis
The images and charged text are dense and rich in Oliver Stone's Untold History Part 6, JFK: To the Brink, and thus require multiple viewings.and take some notes, as
12:01 Dec 19, 2012 PST
Bruno Mars' 'Unorthodox Jukebox' Grabs A Number One Chart Spot Instantaneously!
Well, no offering of liner notes is probably obvious; this would look too intellectual or retrogressive. Bruno is the new sound, or maybe a recycled sound born anew.
10:12 Dec 18, 2012 PST
Have You Ever Heard Shankar Family & Friends?
I zero in on Shankar Family & Friends, since so many people have missed it, and yet it's such an interesting collection of songs, partially Eastern or Indians, blended with George's Pop/Rock Western vibe.
17:08 Dec 15, 2012 PST
Was Brandon Lincoln Woodard a Drug Mule Hit Because He Was About to Sing?
Is this real life or is it a movie? Brandon Lincoln Woodard shot down in broad daylight, execution style with movie cameras rolling! This is the opening scene, then it shifts (alternatively) to Queens, then way west to Los Angeles.
12:13 Dec 13, 2012 PST
Is the Cleveland Police Shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams Racist?
A November 29th Cleveland police shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, where Russell's 1979 Chevrolet Malibu was pummeled with 137 police rounds, was a local story, but now is in the national spotlight.
11:39 Dec 12, 2012 PST
Will Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent Go to Jail for Intoxication Manslaughter?
How fast was starting Dallas Cowboy nose tackle Josh Brent going when he crashed his 2007 Mercedes-Benz S60, early Saturday morning (around 2:30 AM), that resulted in the death of his best friend and teammate, Jerry Brown?
12:59 Dec 11, 2012 PST
Are Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins'Abduction/Murders Connected To Meth?
Very little is known surrounding the identification of the remains of the Iowan girls, Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins at Seven Bridges Park in Brewer County, 25 miles north of Evansdale, Iowa. That is, how were they killed?
10:38 Dec 7, 2012 PST
With Ki-Suk Han's Death on New York Subway Track, Kitty Genovese Reappears!
I had to research the classic Kitty Genovese case this morning, to see whether my suspicions of its applicability (in terms of an analogy) to the Ki-Suck Han case were solid.
13:33 Dec 6, 2012 PST
What Dark Forces Loom Behind The Random Killings of Israel Keyes?
Israel Keyes killed 8 times, maybe more. The confessed serial killer was found dead in his jail cell Sunday in Anchorage, Alaska, apparently by suicide.
10:37 Dec 5, 2012 PST
Andrew Dominik's 'Killing Them Softly' Best Mob Flick Since 'The Departed'
An arty Mob flick? Yes, with Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly, where you get to experience a heroin buzz from the perspective of the junkie who shot the stuff in the first place (Ben Mendelsohn playing the slime-bag Russell),
12:31 Dec 4, 2012 PST
Did Kara Nichols Connect Up with Sex Traffickers Operating Out of Las Vegas?
I had to do some catching up on Kara Nichols' disturbing circumstances, who disappeared October 9th, apparently in pursuit of a modeling job in Denver.
12:30 Nov 30, 2012 PST
Jll Kelley's Attorney Will Have a Hard Time Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle
Jill Kelley's attorney Abbe Lowell is trying to put the lid back on the bottle; the only problem is, genie is already out of her bottle (Barbara Eden) and ready to serve her master (Larry Hagman).
09:28 Nov 29, 2012 PST
Jerry Leon Poe Shoots His Gun at a Woman After Wal-mart Runs Out of Stereos!
Jerry was possessed with some other type of ineffable demon; I have a hunch the lethal, pandemic condition we know as 'Black Friday Hysteria' is the real culprit! Alright, so we'll need to factor in Wallmart while we're at it.
13:34 Nov 28, 2012 PST
Serial Shoplifter Vidal Calloway Killed in a Wal-mart Parking Lot in Georgia!
What was going through Calloway's mind at that moment? Was he on any drugs? Did he really think he'd get away with it? Vidal's been arrested 16 times before since 1996, mostly for petty crimes.
11:44 Nov 27, 2012 PST
'Centrifugal Forces of Culpability' FBI Agent Don Adams Set-Up in JFK Conspiracy
A report to the public from an FBI agent involved in the official JFK assassination investigation, by Don Adams (Trine Day 2012).
12:45 Nov 23, 2012 PST
Take Another Look at Oliver Stone's 'Untold History of the United States'
Oliver Stone's new series on Showtime, 'Untold History of the United States' asks you to take a second look. It propels me backward to reexamine many of the important topics of today.
13:57 Nov 21, 2012 PST
Will Wal-mart Management Retaliate Against Striking Hourly Wage Workers?
Over the past few days, I've been educating myself on what's been going on at various Walmarts, with reference to mistreatment of employees by management.
13:29 Nov 20, 2012 PST
Will the Wal-mart Hourly-Wage Strike on Black Friday Impact the Retail Giant?
Do Wal-mart customers even know what is going on with workers at Wal-mart (across the nation)? Do they even care. Will these protests have any profound impact (whatsoever) on Wal-Mart's loyal customers?
17:17 Nov 18, 2012 PST
Is Jill Kelley a 'Seductress Factor'? Key to Petraeus/Broadwell Scandal
How does Jill Kelley figure into the Gen. David Petraeus/Paula Broadwell affair? Why would Paula Broadwell send these threatening, jealous emails to Jill Kelley? Did she really believe she wouldn't get caught?
18:53 Nov 17, 2012 PST
Did Anti-Virus Mogul John McAfee Murder Real Estate Tycoon Gregory Faull?
Did John kill Belize neighbor Gregory Viant Faull? How did John get where he's at, psychologically speaking? He radiates paranoia! Does he fancy himself as a modern-day Robinson Crusoe (by my favorite author, Daniel Defoe)?
11:30 Nov 15, 2012 PST
Papa John's Problems Pile On with Illegal Texts Class-Action Lawsuit!
Papa John's attorneys claim the violations to The Telephone Consumer Protection Act were only done by franchisees, who acted on their own, without corporate knowing they were doling out these unwanted solicitations.
11:12 Nov 14, 2012 PST
Will Papa John's Get Boycotted Via Social Media?
This is more of an art than a science, as Schnatter tosses out some figures, such that Papa John's will have to increase their prices 10-14 cents per pie to offset the cost of paying their poor employees health insurance,
13:11 Nov 13, 2012 PST
When and Why Did Tylar Witt Transform Into a Monster With Matricide on Her Mind?
An unspeakable saga of matricide unfolded (in El Dorado Hills, Ca.) at the end of January of this year. Why did Tylar Witt become such a monster?
11:06 Nov 12, 2012 PST
Barack Obama Will Visit Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, and Cambodia on November 17th
President Barack Obama will visit Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, and Thailand on November 17-20. Burma's junta regime has a checkered past, in terms of human rights, but has seen some reforms take place over the past two years.
10:54 Nov 9, 2012 PST
Nate Silver Read the Political Statistical Tea Leaves Perfectly! How'd He Do It?
I was feeling Blue when President Obama was soundly trounced by Romney in the first debate, in Denver. The polls flip-flopped over night, blue morphs to purple, drowning in a sea of red paint!
14:35 Nov 8, 2012 PST
Todd Akin's 'Legitimate Rape' Comments Splits Right in Half! Obama Wins!
If McCaskill can hold on tight to her senate seat in Missouri today, it looks like (she'll help) the Democrats block the Republicans from gaining a majority in the U.S. Senate.
12:15 Nov 6, 2012 PST
Increases in Latino and African American Voters in Florida Give Obama Advantage!
I suspected Annette Taddeo was right, but needed to look for other sources to confirm that, in the final analysis, it's getting out the Latino vote that will make up the gap in Florida.
19:36 Nov 3, 2012 PST
Obama Will Sweep Battleground States! Romney's Chrysler/Jeep Ads Toast Him!
Is it likely Obama will run the table on the battleground states? As of today, November 1st, I sense this is correct. While I'm no Nate Silver, I'll briefly state why I think this is true, staying general and writing from my heart.
11:15 Nov 1, 2012 PST
Everyone Except Mitt Romney Knows the Jeep Ads in Ohio Are Blatant Lies!
The Chrysler Jeep ads running in Ohio are the height of how ridiculously fallacious Mitt Romney's desperate, last minute campaign is willing to stoop to.
10:48 Oct 31, 2012 PST
Romney Would Still Slash FEMA, in Face of Crushing Frankenstorm Sandy!
Tax cuts for the rich, so wealthy people can buy another resort home, so that when they're crippled by a devastating natural disaster, they can flee to safety at their third or fourth alternative luxury palace.
11:15 Oct 30, 2012 PST
'Bad Vibes' Emanating from Haunted House of Samuel May Williams Legitimate!
While I didn't see any actual ghosts myself, you can read up on several paranormal incidents in a book by Alan Brown, The Big Book of Texas Ghost Stories, which has a small section on SMW and his (obviously) haunted house.
05:39 Oct 29, 2012 PST
How Could a Punk Sociopath, Austin Reed Sigg Fool so Many Neighbors?
Testimonials as to Austin Reed Sigg's bizarre, emerging behavior, disguised as education for an equally weird career path, are pouring in.
21:16 Oct 26, 2012 PST
Student Mortician, Austin Reed Sigg is Mysterious Murderer of Jessica Ridgeway!
In processing this data, confusion gets the upper hand on me, as I need to untangle a mass of images and checklists of false facts, that probably were leading us up the wrong tree.
19:08 Oct 25, 2012 PST
Ann Coulter's Barbed-Tongued Tweet Using the 'R-Word' Only Helps Obama!
Queen of Dark Extreme Right-Wing posturing, Ann Coulter, just helped President Obama get re-elected with her insensitive and ridiculous tweet on Monday: 'I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.'
18:49 Oct 24, 2012 PST
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